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what gets you going in the morning

Being a mom is tough! Being a pregnant mom of a little boy is even more difficult! Some days it’s almost impossible to find the energy to do most things, starting with rolling myself out of bed each morning. When a 3 year old climbs up in to your bed and whispers “mommy, I’m up,” it is sort of hard to just roll over and go back to sleep. So, instead, I make my way out to the living room, turn some cartoons on low and start my pot of coffee. My days are typically jam packed with work, play time, cooking and the million other things that work-from-home moms are responsible for. Therefore, I need some brain food to get me going!

What gets you going

Jif To Go Dippers fit in perfectly with my busy mom lifestyle. I am able to grab a Jif To Go Dipper in yummy, protein packed creamy peanut butter with pretzels to eat on the way to Aidan’s school in the morning. It is the perfect before school snack for this momma, and the protein is enough to hold me over until I get home. I love to keep a little after school snack in the car for Aidan to enjoy on the drive home, and that’s where the Chocolate Silk with Pretzels Jif To Go Dipper comes in to play…if I don’t eat it first! What gets you going everyday? Jif wants to hear it, and see it! From August 20th through October 1, 2014, Jif To Go is celebrating life on-the-go by asking their fans to share a piture of how they #GetGoing each day. Jif has made it easy for you to enter, by giving you 5 different ways to submit your picture! Submit though their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Iconosquare. You can even enter once per day to increase your chances of being one of the weekly $1,000 winners!

What snack do you eat to get you going?