Birki's Footwear

As I’ve probably mentioned before, I have pretty bad back problems, which have led to a slightly awkward gait in my step.  It’s hard for me to find shoes that fit well and are actually good for my feet and for walking in, and it’s rare that any shoe (or especially sandal) will actually extend the amount of time I’m able to stay on my feet due to the pain.  As a mom, I want to be able to keep up with my son and the dogs, especially during the summer, but my back pain typically keeps me from walking for long periods of time, and makes things like amusement parks or fairs difficult for us.  I’ve tried several brands of sandals, and none have making walking distances any easier.  Until I found Birki’s.

Birki‘s is a line of footwear for the whole family that really can change the way you walk!  Their sandals, clogs, and slip-ons are all designed to provide optimum support and comfort, allowing you to not only take care of your feet, but to improve them as well!  I got to try their Lennox style in bright pink (my favorite color) and was surprised at how different they really felt on my feet.  I’ve never had a pair of summer sandals (or even athletic shoes) provide as much support as these seem to.  While Birki’s offers two different types of footbeds, depending on the style you choose, this particular pair has a cork footbed.  Since I have weak arches, my doctor encourages me to seek out shoes with great arch support, which these have.  They also have toes grips, which allow your toes to actually grip the sandal instead of just flip-flopping them along.  This gripping actually works the muscles in your toes, so it’s good for your feet while you’re walking!  Also, I found that they were very smooth to walk in and didn’t slip easily.  While most sandals require that we change how we walk just to keep them on, Birkis has made a point to design footwear that actually works with your body and your feet the way they’re supposed to work, so that you’re not adding stress to your feet or the rest of your body while you’re walking.  Now, I’m always honest with you, so I will be here too.  The price is a little higher than what you’d expect to pay for sandals if you were to go out shopping at the mall for a pair, but let me assure you, the $89.95 price tag is well worth it when you consider the quality of the product and the potential benefits it could have for your health!  After having actually tried them now, I wouldn’t hesitate to spend that amount on another pair.  They’re WELL worth it!

I’m definitely a Birki’s fan for life.  They have many bright, fun designs to choose from, and styles that are perfect for family members of any age!  I had just about given up on finding supportive footwear for summer, but I’m glad I found Birki’s when I did!  Hopefully, this summer, I can actually keep up with my son because I have shoes that will help support my feet and back that are still perfect for wearing in hot weather.