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Children live in a wonderful world that is (as it should be) free of the restraints of reality. The minds of children are free to explore the bounds of their imagination. Something we, as adults, often forget or just outright lose the ability to do. When the imagination is set free and allowed to dream amazing things can happen. Discoveries and advancements in modern technology were made by people who harnessed the power of imagination and weren’t confined to conventional ways of thought.


ANYTHING is POSSIBLE, when you use your imagination…

  • Free Thinking: Once you free your mind to think outside normal conventions, you will once again begin to tap into the wonders of the way a child thinks. Remember all of the things you thought you could do until someone told you that you couldn’t. Freethinkers are the inventors of today!
  • Determination: Kids can be very stubborn some times when learning something new. This is a sign of determination. They want to do it for themselves. All kids want to do it by themselves eventually, and most parents are glad for the help!Cropped_df359179-2a97-473f-a86b-2945c8ce5143
  • Boundless Creativity: A child’s imagination allows them to create from thin air, fabrications most adults would not dare to dream. This limitless thought promotes artistic growth. A fearless princess can ride a dragon and one can catch the bubbles he blows from his nose.dragon bubbles
  • Never Stop: Children will keep going until they drop if you let them and often will outlast the big boys. They need to be equipped with right shoes that will go wherever their imagination takes them. StridRite’s new line called Surprize is the perfect fit for that creative energetic explosion that are our children.


surp3StrideRite has done it again with their new line of shoes available only at Target. The perfect shoes to go along with our fearless leaders of imagination on their never ending quest for knowledge.

They have a quite wide selection that will be sure go along with anything your child can dream up and they are built to last through even most rugged insane adventure that they dream up.

We had really hard time deciding which pair of Surprize for girls. Our little adventure princess loved this pair from the Surprize for boys line until she saw the pair we ended up buying. They provide the comfort and the durability to keep her going all day at a really affordable price.

What’s your favorite memory involving your child’s imagination?

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