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Okay! I made it through the Holidays!!! Yay Me. I did go up to 145 from 143 cause I ate too much ham and pie and cookies and cheese biscuits and cookies and pie and ham and….BUT I think I well pooped it all out! Cause this morning I am 144! Ha! Take that Christmas! And I exercised! A lot – I mean I walked to the store and jumped around with my kids playing Wii! That totally counts! The whole point of this is to tell you how awesome Nutrisystem has been for me in my life. really.

I have been on a diet I swear since my second kid. I went up to 210 (pregnant) and then to 175. My body wants to be at 160, my husband wants me at 115 (Don’t they all–which is what I weighed in 8th grade LOL), and I am aiming for 135. Every other diet I have tried, I can get to 160 easy, then I can get to 130 even, but then I go all crazy and gain it all back. With Nutrisystem, I am losing slowly, but maintaining my weight within a couple pounds which makes all that food I cheated with only nibbles and bites instead of whole pies, cakes and trays of cookies. I feel like I am really succeeding and KEEPING the weight off. Normally, the day I stop a diet, I gain back 5-8 pounds overnight. I swear! (Did I mention Dunkin Donuts opened within walking distance!)

I am not only losing weight, but learning new eating habits. I did not binge. I did not over indulge, and the two times I went to Dunkin Donuts I had a BITE—be impressed! That is major! I feel like I am making a healthy lifestyle change and helping my husband to do the same (even though he has not seen the Dunkin Donuts yet) My pants are loose from the ones I used to wear, and I can buy size 8 over the internet and know they will fit! I even just bought a pair of Mossimo jeans from Target size 8, short, fit 4 (for curvy hips) and I look awesome! I get comments. My mom thinks I am getting too skinny, and my husband thinks I am hot! I know the scale says 144, but my waist is thinner and I am wearing pants I could not even button last month, even though I am a pound heavier. So, this leads me to believe (dare I say) I may have got a little muscle from dancing Zumba to Wii. My scale is a liar (which we all know is true) or my big toe got fatter. Any rate, I feel skinny! Thanks Nutrisystem!

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