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If you have worn makeup for any length of time, you probably have your own routine on taking it off. There are so many products on the market now to remove makeup. I know a lot of women use the wipes that can remove makeup, but they can really irritate your eyes. If you find a brand that does not give you those red and itchy eyes, often times they do not remove all of your makeup. For me, the best way I have found is with gentle soap and water. Although this method keeps my eyes clear, I cannot say the same for my towels! How many towels have you ruined in your makeup wearing days from mascara, blush and lipstick? Yikes, I know for me it has been a ton and that is just a waste of money. Finally, there is a product from the Turkish Towel Company that can prevent makeup stains on your towels with their Makeup Washcloths.
makeup towels

How To Prevent Makeup Stains

I have tried a handful of darker colored washcloths so that I did not stain them with my make up, but it seemed I would end up with stains anyway. I did think that a black towel would help me to prevent makeup stains, which they did, but they were rough on my skin and eyes. I was interested to try the Makeup Washcloths from The Turkish Towel Company because I thought if they were made specifically for the task, they would be a better product. No wonder these washcloths are so popular! Giuliana Rancic from E!News and The Fashion Police tweeted the washcloths were her “Obsession of the Day”!

These Makeup Washcloths are a laundry lifesaver and are soft and gentle on your face. When you have used them, you can just throw them in the laundry and they wash great and stay nice and soft. The Turkish Towel Company boasts of finely woven towels from a small mountain town in Turkey called Babadag. Instead of a typical flat woven towel, the weavers of rugs applied their system of loops to a towel. The end result are soft towels that will hold up to the harshest of circumstances. Although the towels are made with computers and machines, the same basic principal still applies. You can purchase a set of 6 Makeup Washcloths at The Turkish Towel Company online for $49.00.


  1. i love giveaways, im trying to find more blogs that do this, the makeup towels would be useful to me.

  2. My favorite product is the Lexi Towels that they have. The white ones look clean and comfortable

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  5. The make-up washcloths. I have so many cloths that are specifically for my face that don’t come clean in the wash–even with bleach!

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  7. i love the bath sheets followed by a kimono robe, it would be the height of pampering to me!

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  9. I love the Zenith Bath Sheets. Btw, these makeup towels would be great for when my nieces are around…they have stained many wash clothes by using white/light colored ones

  10. Looked around at the robes and towels, but still say the makeup towels would be my favorite. I’m not that particular about my body towels.

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