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The Smart Trike Tricycle Grows With Your Child

If you have kids, you know how much stuff they need! From the moment you take them home from the hospital, it seems the nursery is filled to the ceiling with diapers, wipes, lotions, clothing, toys and much more. As they grow, they move from the necessities of infancy to that of the toddler and preschool years.

At this stage, it is not that they need less stuff, it is just their stuff gets bigger! Now they are using a larger stroller, a larger diaper bag, toys and clothing. It seems you always have your hands full and there are days you wish you had a few more hands to handle it all! When thinking of this growth, it is nice to know there are products out there to cut down on the bulk instead of making it larger. For instance, the Smart Trike tricycle grows with your child from infancy to preschool age. It is not only great for your child, but for you as well because it is so easy for you to manipulate.

The Smart Trike Makes Your Life Easier

In a world where things can seem so complicated, it is a relief when you find a product that can simplify your life. The Smart Trike makes your life easier because it is easy for you and great for your child. This 4 in 1 tricycle begins as an easy to maneuver stroller for your baby, making it easier for you to steer. With its patented Touch Steering™ technology, it is specifically designed for quick and simple maneuvering and has adjustable handles. Instead of needing more hands, you can just use the two you have! You baby has a more comfortable stroller ride with its shock-absorbing mechanism and comfortable padded seats. The reclining seat allows our baby to rest comfortably as you do your errands, take a walk or whatever you need your stroller for.

This tricycle is a clever and innovative product which helps in the development of your child as they get older. When your baby gets to the 10 month mark and moves into being a toddler, they can practice to peddle and steer while you are still in control. While your child enjoys his new found freedom, he is also developing his gross muscle and motor skills.

As your child reaches their 3rd birthday, they can ride independently when you remove the handle. The smarTrike® Spirit 4-in-1 is available for children ages 10 to 36 months and has an average retail value of $99.99. You can purchase the smarTrike® Spirit 4-in-1 from Toys R Us and it is available in several trendy new patterns. You can stay current with Smart Trike by following them on Facebook and Twitter.


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