The Softest Tees Ever From RibbedTee

My husband and my son have extremely sensitive skin. My husband has a lot of allergies and certain fabrics and materials make him break out in a rash. For Henry, he has Sensory Processing Disorder as a part of his autism. This means that many things irritate his skin, like certain fabrics as well as tags, buttons and zippers. It has been a struggle to say the least in making both of my guys comfortable when it comes to their clothing. I absolutely cannot ask them to try on clothes before I wash them or they could get that rash. It makes it really tricky to find the right pieces of clothing so I do not end up trying to return something I have already washed! With the shirts from RibbedTee, I could get away with not even washing these shirts because they are the softest tee shirt ever!

The Softest Tee Shirt Ever

My husband is one of those guys who always wears an undershirt. It does not matter if it is the dead of winter or the middle of the dog days of summer, Chris will have on an undershirt. Because this is the article of clothing that goes directly against his skin, it has to be soft and comfortable. When we received the package from RibbedTee, I could not believe my luck in finding the softest tee shirt ever! I knew that Chris was going to be super happy with these shirts.

The shirts from RibbedTee are made with extremely breathable fabrics making it very comfortable to wear. It keeps you protected from feeling hot and sticky with sweat when it is really warm outside. This is one shirt that will stay tucked in and keep you looking sharp as a tack. The shirts are designed to conform to the shape of the body and is made longer than traditional tees.  Because of its close fit and added length,  you are not going to get that annoying ride up some tees give you. Chris absolutely loves his shirts from RibbedTee. Thank goodness I received 4 shirts so he can wear one every day. I have to admit, these really are the softest shirts I have ever felt. When I tried to get Chris to pose in his RibbedTee and he refused (so camera shy), Caitlin jumped to volunteer. She actually stole the shirt she is wearing in the picture as a sleep shirt and it is perfect for that! If you have someone with sensitive skin or just wants to be super comfortable, RibbedTee is for you! We received the traditional fit, which you can purchase for $20 for a pack of 2 from the RibbedTee website. There are several other styles and colors to choose from on their website.