Neat Technology Gift

If you are looking for a neat technology gift for mom this Mother’ Day, look no further. SolarFocus, has developed the earth’s first Kindle e-reader cover powered by the clean, green, energy of the sun. The Solar Kindle is the perfect gift for your mom, allowing her to view her digital media on her Kindle, without using her Kindle’s battery power. With a dual charging solar and USB reserve battery, this neat tech gift guarantees mom up to three months of unplugged reading time.

This technology gift for mom was the 2012 winner of the prestigious CES Innovation Award. Featuring a beautiful top quality leather cover with an attractive light and efficient solar panel on it’s cover, this green-technology significantly increases reading time. Using an integrated reserve battery the Solar Kindle can transfer the sun’s energy right to the Kindle’s own battery. In addition, the built-in LED reading light can be powered by the case for up to fifty hours without drawing on the Kindle’s battery.

Gift For Mom

The Solar Kindle’s integrated solar panel allows for on the go charging and reading. This perfect gift for mom will allow to use her Kindle anytime, anywhere, and for as long as she desires. This neat gadget gift is great for traveling and when usual means of charging her Kindle are not available. Being able to literally unplug her digital device while camping, vacationing, and relaxing, makes this earth friendly technology the perfect present for mom. With just one hour of direct sunlight this unique technology gift can provide up to three whole days of reading time.

The Solar Kindle is available now for only $79.99. To highlight the release of this innovative new product, and just in time for Mother’s Day, SolarFocus will be giving away Amazon gift cards of up to $200. For more information on this amazing product and this exciting promotion please go to their Facebook page. Check out Makobi Scribe’s Mother’s Day Gift Ideas event to have a chance to win one on May 1- 18.