carpet cleaningIf you are looking for carpet cleaning services in Austin, you can find Carpet Cleaning Marble Falls is certainly a top choice. I always was under the impression that you can get the majority of your carpets cleaned with just a vacuum, but come to find out they only vacuum up a portion of the allergens, dirt and dust in your carpet and rugs, including pet dander and dust mites. Dust mites! Bugs? Ew!!  I just found out that there are way too many of these tiny bugs that actually live on the dust and dirt your vacuum cleaner does not and cannot get all the way out.  any professional will tell you the only way to obliterate your carpet and rugs of these bugs is use high pressure steam cleaning.

If that isn’t enough to make you want to just rush right over to call a steam cleaner, I don’t know what will. Thank goodness we have wall to wall tile!

In addition to steam cleaning, The Steam Team, also offers upholstery cleaning, leather cleaning, hardwood cleaning, pet and odor treatment and much more.

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