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The Top Essentials To Take To A Festival

When the weather gets warmer, I love to do as many outdoor activities as possible. When we lived in Atlanta, there was something going on at an outdoor venue almost every weekend. We would do the tour of the Victorian homes in Grant Park, tour the old cemetery and do rubbings or walk through the parks and just take in all of the beautiful flowers. One of our favorite places to go were the outdoor arts and music festivals. When Chelsea was 8 or 10, we would pack up for a day out and would browse through the stalls for the whole day. If there was music, we would find a great place on the grass, open up our blanket and enjoy the amazing sounds. One thing I learned was what to take with you when you were going to be gone outside for an entire day. Here are my top essentials to take to a festival:

  1. Sunscreen:If you are going to be walking outside where you will have little shelter, sun block is a must have. If you do not, you are going to be a miserable little lobster the next day.
  2. Water:If you do not stay hydrated, and if you get dehydrated, you will be one sick little puppy the next day.
  3. Baby Wipes:Baby wipes are a hugely versatile little treasure when you are hanging out at a festival. When you are handling a lot of the same things other festival goers do, like the jewelry, art, etc., it is germ city! And do I need to even explain why you want them when you are using the Port-A-Potty?
  4. First Aid Supplies:Although there are first aid stations throughout most festivals, they are not always close by when you need them. I always carry antibiotic ointment and band aids at the very least. That is also when the baby wipes come in handy as well.
  5. Camera:You are going to be virtually guaranteed that you will see some pretty interesting characters and things at the festival. If you do not have a camera, no one will believe the stories you tell!
  6. Purse: You must have a good purse or handbag and it needs to be one you can cross over your body with. It is too easy to get your purse lost or stolen at places like this. It is also a good idea to take a bag that is easy to clean as these are not always clean, since they are outdoors. I really love the selection and versatility of the bags from Run Run Run.

Essentials To Take To A Festival

I am kind of a purse hound and I can never have too many. I have certain styles and sizes that I prefer for certain occasions. If I am going to the water park with the kids, I take my big guns, which is my Big Mama tote bag! That sucker can fit the kitchen sink! I have a hobo bag I take when I am running errands or just hanging with the kids. When we are doing the outdoor thing, I like to travel light which is why I like a smaller cross body the best. I received the Stella Solstice (“Life Is What Happens While We Are Making Other Plans”) in a pretty white, grey and mustard design. It is the perfect size and is one of my essentials to take to a festival. The strap is adjustable, it has a ton of little pockets and zippers and it is completely washable! It is just perfect! I also received the matching Maui Pouch which is perfect for my first aid kit, camera, wipes and car keys.

Run Run Run is a company that loves the planet and loves a beautifully designed product. That is apparent from all of the amazing bags from Run Run Run. They carry a wide variety of designs in a shopper, tote, lunch bag, device cases and pouches. Each product is made in a completely environmentally friendly way so that you can rest assured you are helping not hurting the planet with your purchase from Run Run Run. They company also donates part of the profits to such causes as the    Surfrider Foundation, the Plastic Pollution Coalition and 1% for the Planet. You can purchase the Crossover bag for $27.00 and the pouch for $12.00 from the company website.

One World Wide reader will win one Stella Solstice Crossover bag ($27.00)


  1. I really like the San Francisco Tote in Teal Solstice. It would be great to take to the park.

  2. I really like the messenger bag but any big bag with a long strap makes me happy!!! 🙂

  3. My favorite product is the Austin Crossbody bag- Alexandra Links – “A loving heart is the truest wisdom”

  4. I love the San Francisco Tote. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  5. I like the Italia Shopper. Just one clarification – hope this is worlwide as stated because the service agreement says only US and Canada!

  6. I like the San Fransisco Tote but I really love the one you show here, the Stella Solstice Crossover Bag.

  7. My favorite product from Run Run Run is the L A bag, I like the fact that you can customize, too.. B)

  8. I love these bags and I love the sayings to go with the fabric of the bag- this is my favorite –

    San Francisco Tote – Teal Solstice – “It’s never too late to be what you might have been”

  9. I love the San Francisco tote! So stylish. It’d probably match almost everything in my closet!

    Check out my blog at:

    • I like the Southampton Tote. And I realize this is a reply to someone else’s answer, but there’s a problem with your web page–it absolutely will not let me check the “not a spammer” box! 🙁 I hope this counts as my entry…

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