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The Ups And Downs OF Finding A New Home #TruliHome

I received compensation for this post as part of a promotional program with Trulia and MomSelect. The adventure ultimately begins when finally commit to the decision of finding and buying a new home. From that point on it will be a roller coaster ride of build ups and let downs. There are so many factors that go into finding a new home that extend beyond the house itself. The list of things to consider before making such a massive decision is long and distinguished. Lifestyle, schools, shopping, entertainment, I think you are starting to get the point. But all that being said, you still have to find the perfect home that meets the most of your needs. So to make the ride of finding a new home as smooth as possible, you should get as much information as you can from yourself about what you are truly looking for in a home before you even start.

Take The Guess Work Out Of Finding A New Home

  • Know Where You Stand: Before you start trolling the internet looking for a new home, do a little research on yourself. Find out where you stand financially and what you can afford. the will narrow the search down and save a lot wasted time.
  • Know What You Want: The next thing you need to do is think long and hard about what it is that would make the ideal home for you and your family. Buy or rent? Are the schools good? Is the market far? How far is it to work? Not to mention are the homes worth the values being asked
  • Let Trulia Line Em Up: Once you’ve finally got everything figure out. Go to Trulia and let them do the leg work to finding your new home.

Having a place where you feel truly home is a special feeling. It’s where you you can just be yourself without the judgement of the outside world.

I personally like to just rock out to all the music I have that no one else likes. Singing, dancing and all. Trulia wants you to share what makes you feel #TruliHome as well your own personal home buying adventures.

You can enter the #TruliHome 25K Giveaway just by entering your email address. What have you got to lose. Funny Stories, a chance to win a few bucks, and who knows, maybe you’ll end up finding your new home and make some new friends.

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