The Ways To Spend Your Extra Time After Taking Up Vaping

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blu2Maybe the biggest problem with smoking cigarettes is the time lost with other people. The time other people spend together while you’re outside smoking by yourself. It really adds up over time. blu PLUS+ eCigs go a long way to fixing that problem by allowing you to enjoy the flavor of a tobacco cigarette while you enjoy inside time with friends and family. For more info check the blu PLUS+Rechargeable Kit Product Page and get started today.

blupinWhat You Can Do With Your Extra Time

1 working two computers

Increased Productivity: Get More Work Done

Think of all the minutes and hours at work, spent walking outside and enjoying a cigarette. All those trips begin to add up in terms of productivity. You can enjoy your blu PLUS+ eCig while sitting comfortably at your desk. It may be such an improvement that you can get your boss to purchase them. If you feel you need a reason to go outside, take a vape break.


Check Out The Theater: See Plays and Movies

You know how it goes, the best part of the play or movie is happening and you absolutely have to go outside for a little real tobacco flavor. Never fear, the solution is here. Hopefully, it’s a play anyway and you can skip out during the intermission. If not, don’t worry. You’re only vaping.


Spend More Time Exercising

Really? Let’s not get into that. How about having more time to sit by the pool, jam summer music and enjoy your blu PLUS+ eCig. If you get a hankerin, you can always swim a few laps.

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Updated blu screenshotThink of all the ways you can enjoy your new life when you start in with blu PLUS+ eCigs. Friends and family, get ready! You will be sitting right there next to them when they start talking about you. Winner!

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How are you going to spend all your extra time?