CES Unveiled

My glazed over smile shows you how overwhelming this press event was. First, when we arrived the line was wrapped around the building and a lengthy wait to get in. Once in it reminded me of New Year’s eve at the turn of the millennial in Miami beach! We were packed in like Sardines. Literally we were pushed around from booth to booth, and you really had to stand your ground to keep from being pushed over or banged in the head with a camera crew, boom mike, or an overzealous tech intern. You had to worm you way in to talk to the press, but some of the innovative products that were showcased were amazing!

Thermador Freedom Induction Cooktop

My favorite one was the Freedom Induction cooktop by Thermador. This cooktop was so neat. It had a glass surface that only heats up where the pot is. The rest of the cooktop is completely cool to the touch. It automatically senses where the the pan is and heats it up with magnet technology. The only heat left when you move the pan is residual from the actual pan itself. It can heat up to 4 pans and lets you place the pans anywhere you like. When you take the pan off, the stove automatically turns off. How is that for a safety feature!

Freedom Induction Cooktop

Another neat product that we interacted with was an upcoming revolutionary product for monitoring health stats. Below I am pictured trying out the device. It plugs into the bottom of an iPhone and in live time monitors your heart beat, respiration and  oxygen saturation. This would be a perfect solution for someone who needs to keep a constant eye on what their body is doing. It does require still movement and a silent participant, neither of which I could accomplish in such a tightly crowded space.

Checking blood Pressure at CES