So, I had gained 70+ pounds when I got pregnant with Mason.  Hey…I was huge!!  After I had Mason, when I came home from the hospital I weighed 210, five pounds more than when I went in, and I came home with a 8 pound baby!  Huh?  Well, a year later on Mason’s first birthday, I weighed 165.  I want to be at least 140.  Okay, I will be happy with 145.  My husband would like 125 lol!  Anyways, I started to search for help.  I had found Shakeology, but I was still hungry AND tired from dieting.  I was browsing on Tomoson, and I came across Delta Labs’ Postnatal supplement, the only fat burning supplement safe for new moms. I knew that was the product for me. I was still breastfeeding Mason and was leery of adding diet supplements; however, I wanted to lose the baby weight.
It is kind of funny because in addition to helping you lose weight and speed up your metabolism, the Thermogenic Postnatal Weight Loss Formula also aids in lactation.  Why is that funny?  I am supposedly (according to me, not Mason) weaning!  I started taking the pills, two a day, two weeks ago, and today, I am down 11 pounds!  I weighed 154 this morning.  I don’t feel speedy after I take the pills, but I definitely have more energy through the day.  The do not contain caffeine so I am able to sleep.  I will keep you posted as to my weight loss, but so far, I am sold approving with a two thumbs up!
“Medical professionals encourage new moms to start a diet and exercise program within the first 6 months of giving birth. Adding a Postnatal Thermogenic supplement will boost your metabolism without the use of any caffeine, which can be passed on to newborns during breastfeeding. Delta Labs’ Postnatal supplement contains key herbal ingredients to safely boost your metabolism, and has the added advantage of increasing lactation!”

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