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These Five Tips Will MakeTraveling With A Baby A Breeze

If you have cared for babies in any capacity in your life, you know it takes a lot of work! I remember how excited I was to stay home with my first child. I had visions of lazy days playing with her, bathing her, taking her on long strolls and teaching her all sorts of exciting new things. Instead, I got a blur of changing diapers, feedings, more diapers and very little sleep! Pretty typical, right?! Once she got older, the other things did finally come and one thing I loved to do was to pack Caitlin up and take her to visit my mom in Tennessee. The problem was that traveling with a baby was not very easy. If you follow these 5 tips, it can make taking your baby with you much easier:

Five Tips For Traveling With A Baby

  1. Keep Them Busy:Pack items your baby can play with that will keep them busy for the duration of the trip. For older kids, take a long books and toys that are new to them, which will make them play with them longer. Be sure to also bring a favorite toy to make napping easier.
  2. Snacks:Pack along portable snacks and drinks if your baby is old enough for them. The baby foods in the pouches are perfect for traveling. For the older baby, pack Cheerios in a self serve cup to keep them entertained while they eat!
  3. Technology:Grab your portable DVD player and a few of your Baby Einstein or other favorites. This will make you and baby much happier on a trip with an extended time in the car or plane.
  4. Clothing:Dress your child in clothing that will make changing diapers or pull ups more efficient. Also think about what will make baby most comfy on that longer car or airplane ride.
  5. Sleeping:Once you get to your destination, you will need a place for baby to sleep.Oh, what I would have given to have had the incredibly convenient JourneyBee from ParentLab. This adorable and portable travel crib is a must have for anyone who loved traveling with a baby.

ParentLab is a community of moms and dads creating and sharing new product ideas to make the lives of all parents and caregivers easier. The next products may come from you or someone you know in the ParentLab community who provides or helps to select the next idea. After the parents chose the next kid-inspired product, ParentLab will lovingly engineer and bring it to life. Thousands of dollars in ParentLab Grants reward contributing parents for submitting their clever ideas when they are picked for production and manufacturing of their product idea. The journeyBee, a convenient travel crib, was the first to be made, which has been allowing parents to make traveling with a baby so much easier!

The journeyBee is perfect for a trip to the park, a weekend away to visit the grandparents or any other getaway you can imagine. The journeyBee has an easy to carry bag and a pop open design, which makes it ideal for parents on the go. The journeyBee is a lightweight washable and waterproof travel crib that weighs in at just under 12 lbs. It is safe and easy to use and requires no tools and is easy to assembly. The easy to carry bag has large mesh panels with two strap options, storage pockets on the crib, and an iPhone pocket to play your favorite lullabies. The journeyBe comes with a soft  mattress pad topped with an inner fleece sheet. You can purchase the journeyBee from the ParentLab website in 5 different colors/patterns. Parentlab  is committed to helping you customize your journeyBee to fit your everyday needs, so you can purchase optional products like the sun shade, mosquito netting, travel bag, and replacement sheets.

One USA reader will win one journeyBee in their choice of color/pattern (based on availability) ($199.00)


  1. the black/silver journeybee is great. It is versatile so I can use with both my grandson and my granddaughter

  2. Te minibee looks great, it would be nice to keep in the car for short trips and impromptu overnight stays 🙂

  3. I love the journeyBee portable crib! This would be a life saver for a little one!
    With the easy to see though mesh panels and the fact that it is only 12 lbs! They should send you home with one of these when you walk out of the hospital. lol
    But seriously, I love this product! Thanks so much!

  4. I like the Sage Journey Bee. Actually, I really like the black one, but I’m entering to win to give as a gift, and I know my sister-in-law would love the Sage one.

  5. I’d like to have the SunShade if we had the JourneyBee, it would be used often between home, grandma’s and Auntie’s house. 🙂

  6. Love this portable crib!
    I would also like with it the Mosquito Netting to keep those nasty bugs away!

  7. i like the mosquito netting. lots of skeeters this year. made it tough to be outside with the little ones

  8. ‘ve never heard of this company before. Very cool! I love the JourneyBee in black with the polka dots. So cute!

  9. I like the mini Bee. It would be awesome when traveling or for company. I like how compact it is to store.

  10. I like the minibee. The longer it took to actually lay my daughter in her crib, the more likely her eyes were to open so I like the rather shallow sides.

  11. The JourneyBee with the Mosquito Netting as an extra addition, are my favorite products. They look so perfect for traveling , camping, and nap time. Love it!

  12. I like the JourneyBee™ Pink Replacement Sheet & mosquito netting

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  13. Well, there was really only one product? And then accessories. I like the portable crib in polka dots

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