A perfect weekend is one when you spend your day with your family and make the most of nature experiences. Bangalore, the IT city of India is popular for not just its thriving lifestyle but also the hustle and bustle that the city beholds. While the heavy traffic, commotion, and loss of time imbibe into people’s lives, it is indeed a moment of joy to take a tour out of the city with their families!

Being surrounded by the Western Ghats and stunning landscapes Bangalore is blessed with short travel locations that are blessed with the bounty beauty of nature while also being an escapade for adventure and rejuvenating holidays. For some quality time with your family, here are some of the best places in and around Bangalore that are loved by families.

Bangalore Palace

The historical charm of the Bangalore Palace beholds the eyes of the travelers in no time. It is one of the most important landmarks of the city and has a Tudor-inspired estate. Built-in 1887 by the King Charamaja Wadiyar, the grandeur of the palace ignites beauty and peace everywhere. It is indeed an experience to walk around the Scottish Gothic style architecture and mélange of Tudor with your family and take a dig into Bangalore Palace’s history. Spend a leisurely day with your family members, and having a mini picnic across the estate of the palace.

Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills, viz. hill atop at the Nandi Durg Village, is one of the favorite weekend destinations from Bangalore. While the mesmerizing views of the hilltop make for a memorable experience, it is the thrill surrounding the destination that invites families for a stayover.  Discovery Village is one such adventure resort with luxury experiences and adventurous escapades for families to reunite and enjoy their holiday. Take a drive from Bangalore to the Nandi Hills and spend a night camping at resorts for family. Take the trekking trails to the Nandi Bull Temple or just drive to the hilltop to enjoy panoramic views of the valley covered in clouds and waterfalls to drizzle some happiness.


Popular for being the spot for Bollywood movie Sholay, Ramanagara today is one of the most adventurous and nature bound destinations to explore near Bangalore. Just a short ride from the city, the Ramanagara village treats you with its mesmerizing views, laidback lifestyle and interesting amalgamation of rock mountains and valleys. Families can lodge in a resort and enjoy the umpteen adventurous activities, luxury stay, and relaxing experiences while exploring the natural landscapes, scenic beauties, and silence of the Ramanagara Village.


Not just an important religious site, Kotilingeshwara is famous for its one of the largest Shiva Linga in the world i.e. 108 ft. This religious site is visited by families from around the world who are devoted to Lord Shiva and want to experience the enigma of this magical place. The temple boasts of 108 shiva lingas in miniatures while centering the temple with one huge Shiva Linga that goes 108 ft long. Located in the Village of Kammasandra, it is one of the most beautiful escapes to make for a religious tour near Bangalore.


A religious site and the largest Vishnu Temple in the South, Tirupati Balaji is a traveler’s hub too. Known to be of great significance in Indian History and bestowed with powers to cleanse the karma, the temple rests at the heart of Indian families as a must-visit travel destination. A few hour’s drive from the city, Tirumala city is known for its rocky landscapes, beautiful surroundings and the beautifully resting temple atop the mountain. Visit the temple with your family for a day of religious offerings and dive into the local food and sightseeing to explore the landscapes.


Coord or Kodagu is a popular weekend getaway with just a 5-hour drive from the city. The tranquilizing atmosphere, serene surroundings, and beauty of the place call for family holidays. Visit the tea and coffee plantations surrounding the region, explore the variety of food indulgences or just spend the days resting in the hill resort and rejuvenate. Coorg is one of the nature-bound experiences from Bangalore that gives your weekends a new experience.


A short and fun family trip from Bangalore, Wayanad is a visit to Kerala and its heavenly surroundings in a glimpse. Spend your weekend enjoying the lush greenery, visiting the splendid wildlife, waterfalls and more with your family and explore the very best of God’s own country. A short weekend trip with the family can be about lounging in a luxury resort, enjoying the sightseeing and experiencing nature while rejuvenating and connecting with the loved ones.

Looking for an outing near Bangalore for a short escape with your family? These destinations are a total win!