things every teenage girl should have in their closet

When I first held my daughter in my arms, I was so overcome with love and joy. After two miscarriages, she was our miracle baby, and to reaffirm that fact, she was born with a heart shaped birthmark! We could not wait for that bundle of joy to begin talking and then walking! Fast forward 16 years and my husband and I ask what that big rush to get her to talk was! Seriously, she is such a wonderful kid, I could not have asked for a better young lady to call my own. She is bright, funny, caring, does well in school, loves her family and stays out of trouble. The only trouble she actually gives me is when it comes to fashion. Granted, I have not been a teenage girl for a few years, so I may have forgotten what it was like to never have anything to wear! I have found however there are a few staples your daughter will want to see in her closet and I have made sure mine has them in hers.

6 Staples Every Teen Girl Should Have In Her Closet

6 Staples Every Teen Girl Should Have In Her Closet

  1. Jeans: Every teenage girl must have a good pair of jeans in their closet. These jeans need to compliment her body type and fit her well. They should be a color which will work well with the other basics in her closet.
  2. Flannel: I still love to have a few pieces of flannel in my own closet. A teen girl should have an over sized flannel “boyfriend” shirt as well as one cut for the female shape. With a flannel shirt, you can button it, wear it open, or tie it around your waist.
  3. A Black Dress: For Caitlin, she actually must have a black dress for her orchestra recitals. This is perfect for other events that require a more polished and mature look.
  4. Converse Sneakers: With all the colors, styles and prints Converse offers now, your teenage girl is certain to find the perfect pair for her personality. Caitlin has a pair of black high tops, purple low tops and a pair of black knee high sneakers. She wears them with jeans, skirts, shorts and dresses because they are just that versatile.
  5. A Hoodie: We live in the south, so we rarely have the occasion to wear a full on winter coat. Caitlin can get through almost the entire winter will a lined hoodie.
  6. Workout Clothes: When I was in school, we had a gym uniform we had to wear, and boy was it hideous. Thank goodness times have changed and the girls can choose their own workout clothing. For Caitlin, she prefers a comfortable yoga outfit which is appropriate for just about everything on the agenda in her P.E. class, which includes a section on yoga.


When it comes to active wear, you certainly want clothing which is comfortable. You also need clothing that will move and breathe with you without being confining. And let’s be honest; we also want to be stylish when we are working out. Unless we are at home with no one watching, we want to look our best whether we are exercising, meeting the girls for lunch or just running to the grocery store. I know of one company who fits the bill on every one of these aspects, and that is the AH-mazing active wear from SQN Sport. This premium active wear company is based out of Sun Valley, Idaho, and has your ants and needs on the forefront. They want to offer you not only affordable clothing but also good looking clothing as well. These clothes are perfect for anyone involved in sports for women including women athletes, fitness professionals, moms, daughters. Interesting fact: SQN stands for Sine Qua Non, which is the Latin term for “only the essential.”

We received two pieces from SQN Sport; the Ruched Leggings in charcoal, which sells for $75 and the complimentary high neck tank in light blue which sells for $38. The Metallic Ruched Leggings are incredibly comfortable and flatters your figure quite well. They are the perfect length for any activity including yoga, walking or running, hiking or hitting the circuit machines at the gym! They even have a pocket in the front to hold your phone! The high neck tank is perfect for Caitlin because she is modest and this covers her nicely without looking frumpy. It is unlike most tanks because it does not cling to your belly, which I have one after 3 babies! It fits tighter around your neck and arms and the cut is super flattering. With its top notch fabric, which is lightweight and is made to breathe, you will not feel that sweat when you work out. When you put these two together, you are definitely going to turn heads wherever you go! You can also find ponchos, tees, boot cut leggings, and a smart looking tunic. Be sure to follow SQN Sport on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. One USA reader will win a pair of the Metallic Ruched Capri Leggings ARV $65.

Which of the things every teenage girl should have in their closet is your daughter’s favorite item?