Things To Do With Your Kids

Things To Do With Your Kids On A Rainy Day

If you have kids in your life, you probably have had days when you couldn’t think of things to do with your kids.  With me home schooling Henry, I have been able to incorporate lessons that are fun and interesting.  What I found I was doing was taking the have fun idea too far and leaving nothing left for regular old fun time!  Both of my kids are super creative and they love to draw pictures, paint and build.  Thankfully the days when all that was on my wall are gone!  Caitlin has been in a staple phase in wich every craft project had to be stapled in some form or fashion!  I have more paper garland than I know what to do with!  Are you crafty?  I think moms that are crafty have an easier time of finding things for the kids to do when you are stuck inside.  I am crafty, but I am not letting my kids strip and refinish a table on a rainy day.  I needed some inspiration, so I went looking on the internet for fun ideas.  Here are just a few:

  • Build A Fort:  Who doesn’t love a good fort?  My kids are expert fort builders and they have gotten some creativity going on!  Let me tell you that there have been many, many days that I lost a dining room table and chairs to a cave, castle or spaceship.  If your kids have the creativity to do this, encourage them.  This will make them interesting and fun grown-ups!
  • Go Camping:  Who said camping was for the outdoors only?  We have had many a fun camp out in our living room, armed with our pop up tent, scary stories and marshmallows.  We will turn the lights out, get the flashlights and go exploring the great indoors!
  • Get cooking:  There is something about a rainy, dreary day and the smell of baked goods coming from the kitchen.  I love that the kids are old enough to be interested in cooking and we have had such fun making cookies and muffins.  Remember when you are spending time with your kids, you are making precious memories!!

Craft Kit

  • Make it:  Get out the crayons, paints, glitter and some paper ya’ll.  Nothing says fun like a great craft that everyone can participate in that is affordable and memorable.  Again, times like these make such great memories.  If you aren’t really crafty, there is help for those who are art challenged!  Crafty Parent is a great company that will send you a box full of goodies that are perfect for those rainy days.


Things To Do With Your Kids

If you need some help trying to think of fun art projects for kids, let Crafty Parent help you.  Not all of us parents were given the creativity gene, so sometimes we need some assistance!  Crafty Parent is not your average monthly craft subscription company.  The folks at Crafty Parent have taken a lot of time and energy to design a program that is well rounded, affordable and so much fun!  With each monthly box ($29.99) you get from Craft Parent, you will receive 4 individually wrapped craft projects, 4 recipes, 4 activities and a newsletter.  I must tell you I was shocked at all the cool stuff that came in our box.  The crafts are simple to follow as they have picture instructions, the materials are nicely made and the recipes are easy, fun and yummy.  One of my favorite highlights about Crafty Parent is that the kids can make a cute gift for a teacher, church leader, grand parent or neighbor.   Your kids will have tons of fun with their box from Crafty Parent and once you have completed all of you projects, hop online and visit Crafty Parent for more activities, recipes and craft ideas.

One reader will win one Crafty Parent Box ($29.99).

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