Here are a few facts about Vegas you might not know. The Las Vegas Strip isn’t actually in Las Vegas itself; it’s in Paradise, a town right next to Vegas. The famous “Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas” sign is also in Paradise, so two of Vegas’ most renowned attractions aren’t actually situated in the town itself. As of 2017, there were around 149,000 hotel rooms in Vegas, and there are only likely to be more now as more and more accommodation is built.

With all that choice of where to stay, you might be wondering how you can make the most of your upcoming Vegas trip. Whether you’ve planned it years and years in advance or you’re looking for a relatively short-term getaway, you deserve only the best in terms of accommodation. A recent Betway study revealed the most luxurious suite you can possibly stay in when you go to Vegas. Betway scored several suites out of 60 based on factors like number of bathrooms, private elevators, and other amenities.

If you’ve visited Vegas before, the winner may not come as a surprise to you. With a score of 48 points out of 60, the most lavish, extravagant Vegas suite you can stay in – for a bachelor party, a family getaway, or just to treat yourself, if you’re painfully rich – is The Nobu Villa, located in the immense Caesar’s Palace complex. The Nobu Villa is your choice if you’re looking to splash out on something truly decadent, but beware – it won’t come cheap.

First up, the price. Prepare for your eyes to start watering and not to stop watering for the next few years when you hear this. The Nobu Villa will set you back an incredible $35,000 per night. Yes, you heard that right: per night. Not as a package deal, not as a series of nights, but for a single night. This is not the kind of suite you make a snap decision to visit; you’ll be saving up for a few years for this one. Of course, it’s impressive to match that cost, but that’s still a significant amount of cash.

For that money, you’re getting 10,300 square feet of suite. That’s a huge amount of space, so you probably shouldn’t consider renting this place out unless your party is pretty big. There are two king-sized beds and one queen here, so your party should probably be pretty familiar with one another. The split-level design makes this suite feel like a true duplex, giving you the best combination of homely apartment atmosphere and true luxury.

So, what do you get with The Nobu Villa for your $35,000 (we’re still not quite over that)? Well, as you might expect, quite a lot. First, you’re getting a 24-hour butler service. No matter when you want something or what you might want (within reason, naturally), you’ll have a 24-hour butler to call on. Complimentary resort fees are included in that $35,000 total, too. Once you start breaking down once you’re actually getting, it might not sound like that much to pay. Okay, no, it still is.

The Nobu Villa has its very own private elevator, making you feel like true royalty every time you go up (or back down to mingle with the subjects, of course). Before you even reach The Nobu Villa, you can take advantage of Caesar’s Palace’s complimentary limousine service, so you can arrive in style. That’s a round trip, too, so when it’s time to leave, you can ride in the limo again. Of course, you’re not going to pay $35,000 so you can ride a limo, but it’s a very nice bonus.

Naturally, you can expect a fully-stocked bar when you get to the suite. You won’t need to leave your duplex to get drunk in true Vegas style. The bar will have everything you’re looking for in a night of alcohol-fueled debauchery, and hey – without that, what is Vegas? You could even spend the entire holiday in your suite; you’d be missing some of the sights and sounds of Vegas if you did that, but honestly, The Nobu Villa is so ridiculously chic and high-class that it’s effectively the same as going out.

Of course, it’s not all drinking and debauchery. You can also relax with the deep-soak tub that’s included with The Nobu Villa’s beautiful private terrace. There’s a steam room, so you can chill out after a night of gambling (or console yourself after some heavy losses, of course). The Nobu Villa also features a Zen garden with elemental features based around fire and water, which is perfect for relaxation. Vegas can be an overstimulating place, so it’s nice that The Nobu Villa has somewhere to unwind.

The Betway study is full of fascinating facts and stats about Vegas’ many other villas and suites, so take a look at it and have some fun dissecting everyone’s favourite weird city in Nevada. Next time you’re off to Vegas, if you’ve got the cash, consider saving it up and asking for some contributions from your buddies or family members to hire out The Nobu Villa. You won’t regret it – your wallet might, but the raft of extras and high-quality features the villa offers mean you’ll never feel like anything less than an emperor.