Americana Pinwheels

I love Summertime. Every year my family spends time at the beach for a few days to relax, recharge and connect together as a family. This year was going to be extra special because my family reunion is being held here. All of my cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles together for one big party! I figured this would be the best time to have an Americana themed party considering we kick off each reunion by saying the pledge of allegiance and sing “My Country Tis Of Thee” to officially kick it off.  We are very proud to be American and patriotism runs in our blood! It seemed like I needed to head to Cost Plus World Market to purchase some Americana decor and food.

Cost Plus World Market

There was a large selection in the front of the store that you could clearly tell was Americana themed. I chose pinwheels for yard decorations and then later to give to the kids, a red serving tray, Americana themed party supplies, and a mini- backyard grill. Then I passed the kite section on the way to grab a variety of foods for the party and purchased two kits for the kids. Once in the food section the kids and I spent too long choosing the sodas. There was such a huge selection and they were so much fun! Tons of throw back sodas and even a few that were the American brand! Then I found chips made with beer. If that doesn’t scream I am American, I do not know what does!

Selection of Party Products From Cost Plus World Market

I ended up with so much stuff in my cart, they gave me a few handy dandy mix and match cartons to hold my sodas. This made it super easy to carry down to the beach as well. The bandanna snack holders were perfect for the veggie chips we purchased, which the kids love! It is such a treat to find a snack that is healthy AND the kids beg for it.

Payton Eating Veggie Chips

We used the mini grill for hot dogs. You can actually grill eight at a time. Then we were able toast marshmallows for S’mores afterwards! Hot dogs and S’mores are also iconic American foodstuffs don’t you think? I love that I can throw a few briquettes in the grill when I get home on my porch. I will be able to have a min-grill out anytime I want and the grill looks like a decoration.

Mini Grill

I knew the pinwheels would not stay in the ground very long.


It is a good thing we got kites to entertain the kids because I only got a few pinwheels! Between the pinwheels and the kites, they were pretty occupied and had a great time. The kite selection at Cost Plus World Market was pretty extensive. There was something for everyone. My kids settled on a dragon and the butterfly. They were both beautiful in the sky. Don’t you think? It was really hard to walk around the store and not pick one of every item I passed. The possibilities of decorating your home and themed parties were endless.

Flying a World Market Kite

After we flew kites, which many people asked where we got, we the hot dogs were done and it was time to chow down! They look good right? These hot dogs are served with a side of beer chips; simply, the best chip I have EVER eaten.

Hot Dogs and Beer Chips

My family and I had a great Americana party, and what is even better I can bring most of these items home to do it again and again! Right now Cost Plus World Market is celebrating with the Red, White & Blue London Sweepstakes. The grand prize is a trip for 2 to watch the Red, White & Blue compete in the London Games, including tickets to the Opening Event and 3 sporting events. You can stay connected with Cost Plus World Market on Twitter and Facebook. This shop has been compensated by Cost Plus World Market, but all my opinions are my own.