I joined Verizon way back when cell phones were a novelty and as big as my purse. So when I saw Jeff at BlogHer the year before last, I hunted him down and said pick me! There was a reason. The quality of service Verizon provides is unsurpassed by any other service in my area. Well, actually anywhere period. I have often been the only one in a group who was able to use my cell phone while all others had zero or just one bar. With the Verizon Edge and the family programs, the service has become affordable for all my family members are we are currently switching my college-aged kid over to our side. Below is a summary of my year with Verizon. Even though the ambassador program has come to a close, I will still be an ambassador at heart converting the non-believers as I go! There are plenty of ways I can still share my Verizon experiences, so do not be surprised if you see me raving about them again!
Getting A New Smartphone When You Want

Getting A New Smartphone When You Want #VZWA
VZWA Fireworks
Keeping a food diary