When planning to have a new baby there are many things that are considered such as the cost of child care, diapers and college. Obviously, many other factors also go into the decision. For me, maternity clothes were a complete oversight! I actually got rid of all of my maternity clothes after the rough pregnancy that I had with Aidan. I truly believed that he would be my one and only. Now he’s going to be a big brother and I am rapidly outgrowing my non-maternity clothing! Since maternity clothes are not something I budgeted wisely for, I am determined to get through this pregnancy with maternity fashion for less. I started exploring local consignment shops but I always feel like they smell funny (not good for my preggo nose!), are always too crowded and are definitely not kid friendly. Online shopping has always been my kind of shopping.

3 Reasons To Shop ThredUp For Affordable Maternity Clothes

  1. Selection The selection of maternity clothes on ThredUp was out of this world. From tops and bottoms, dresses and skirts to outerwear and bathing suits they have every want and need covered. Their sizes range from XXS to 5X, so everyone has something to choose from. Their non maternity selection even caught my eye. They carry styles for women and kids as well as shoes, handbags and even contemporary styles and designer brands.
  2. Brands I was shocked at all of the great brands available on Thredup. From Gap to Old Navy, Pea in a Pod to Motherhood Maternity. The selection for non maternity clothes is also amazing. Gently used J Crew, Guess, Michael Kors and more.
  3. Price With ThredUp, the price was definitely right. I was able to get 3 dresses, 2 pairs of capris and 2 shirts for just under $75. Yes, you read that right. $75! My items were all Motherhood Maternity, Gap and Old Navy and would have retailed way over $200! The best part is that I was able to save even more by using a promotional code from Since I was a first time user I was able to save an additional 25% off my total. If it’s your first time shopping at ThredUp, be sure to check out for your discount code!

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My experience with ThredUp was absolutely fantastic. My items were shipped within a day or two, and arrived within a week. I even received a personalized e-mail from James, who is the co-founder and self proclaimed “Chief Knitwit,” asking for my feedback. This struck me as unique. They really cared about my experience! The box that the clothes arrived in was adorable and the clothes were packaged well and obviously cared for. I was so excited to save even more with my code. They actually work with 20,000 other name brand retailers so be sure to check them out before purchasing anything online! I am going to be placing my next maternity order soon, and may even be looking at clothes for Aidan while I’m at it!

Where is your favorite place to shop online?


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