Three Fun Road Trip Ideas For Kids

I have been so excited to be traveling to Atlanta to see my oldest daughter. We are from Atlanta, but have lived in Knoxville for more than 10 years. I have only been back a few times and I have sorely missed the Hot ‘Lanta activities and vibe. The last trip I took I used a Tucson bus rental. I have a bit of a double whammy when I travel with the kids because one gets car sick and one gets bored super easily. In order to keep them from driving me crazy, I needed to find some fun road trip ideas for kids. After I give Caitlin her motion sickness patch, she will be up for some activities as will Henry. If you travel with your kids, these tips may be helpful!

3 Road Trip Ideas For Kids

3 Road Trip Ideas For Kids

  1. Electronics: I do not travel without a few of our electronic devices for myself as well as the kids. In addition to our smartphones, we also bring a tablet, an Mp3 player and a few handheld gaming systems and cartridges. This way, they can play with their apps or watch Netflix on Hulu Plus or play with the PSP. I can slip in my ear buds and catch up on the last few episodes of Doctor Who I have not had a chance to see!
  2. Books: I always pack a bag with a variety of books for the kids and myself when we travel. I pack one of Caitlin’s chapter books and a few coloring and activity books for Henry. For myself, I take along a good mystery novel to keep me occupied!
  3. Games: No road trip is complete without a few fun games the whole family can play. This is one thing my husband can join in on, even though he is driving. We play “I Spy”, “The License Plate Game” and “The Alphabet Game”, which will take up at least an hour or more of the trip. A game we fashioned after the “Flat Stanley” concept is to take a favorite toy and photograph it in different places on the trip. The kids always have so much fun with this and I really get into it as well. This year, we took Magna Charge and Wash Buckler of Mega Bloks Skylanders SWAP Force™ heroes series.

Magna Charge

Henry LOVES to build things and he LOVES the Skylanders characters. Put those two things together and you get the Mega Bloks Skylanders SWAP Force™ heroes. In addition to Magna Charge, we also got the Wash Buckler, which each sell for $12-$15 on Amazon as well as toy retailers nationwide. You can also find figure and collector’s edition packs as well as several construction sets. We have the Boss Tank Showdown which Henry loves to smash down the wall with the launcher.

The reason Henry loves these guys be because they are “totally cool Mom” and I love them because they are not uber difficult for him to put together. Although some of the pieces are pretty small, they are easy to connect and the directions and clear and easy to follow. We had so much fun with Magna Charge and Wash Buckler while we were in Atlanta. He enjoyed relaxing on the bed at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta, the Coca Cola Museum and The Atlanta Zoo.  I am pretty sure the Skylanders guys had as much fun in Atlanta as the rest of us did! Henry said he preferred not to have Magna Charge photographed at any of the venues as someone may think he was famous and try to steal him away! One USA reader will win a Magna Charge and Wash Buckler Mega Bloks Skylanders SWAP Force™ heroes ARV $30.

What do you do to keep your kids busy when you travel?


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