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Three Things The Winter Olympics Teaches Us #NetflixKids

One of the most viewed sporting events this year are the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. People all over the world are watching the events via their television, computer or mobile device. All of the teams sacrifice so much to compete and represent their country and it is certainly exciting to watch. You may not have been aware of this, but while you and your family watch the games, your kids are learning life lessons! Here are 3 things they are learning:

3 Things The Winter Olympics Will Teach You

  1. Inspiration: So many children have been inspired by the fine athletes if the Olympic games. It takes a lot of sacrifice, time, hard work and determination to make the Olympic team. When explaining this to your kids, you can easily show them examples of how this can be applied to their own lives.
  2. Teamwork: A large number of the Olympic events are for team sports. There is no “I” in team, and this is very clear when you see these athletes working together. A team who works well together are going to be a the head of the pack for that gold medal. There are so many instances of where teamwork is imperative in our own lives, and showing our kids this is very important.
  3. Competition: Without competition, there would be no Olympic games, so that in itself is important. When you have kids who play sports, you should explain how healthy competition can push us to do our best. This carries over in other areas of our lives, and kids who know this are better prepared in life.

If you are looking for great movies and television shows which also teach your kids these values, Netflix has many options for you and your family. Netflix now has 15 movies and television programs which will open up the dialogue in your home about these values. For the older kids and adults, The Fabulous Ice Age, a documentary exclusive to Netflix is awesome. It tells the story behind figure skating which has never been told before. For the younger kids, they may like to see Curious George: George Gets A Trophy or Bob The Builder: The Bobblesberg Winter Games. Netflix is family friendly, very affordable and is streamed through your TV, through your gaming system or on your mobile device.

What is your favorite Olympic sport and which of these values does it best represent?

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