Three things you don’t want to do while on a Orlando Vacation.

  1. Cramming your family into a one hotel room: I don’t know about you, but while on vacation the thought of a family of 4 or 5 staying in one hotel room just isn’t fun.  Where do you sit?  Where do you get some quiet time?  Where do you put everything?  It’s anything but relaxing.
  2. Waste money: When on any vacation the last thing you want to do is waste money.  Going out to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner is a huge expense.  Staying in a hotel doesn’t give you much of an option.
  3. Sharing beds and bathrooms: One room means one bathroom.  One at a time showers.  And even worse, everyone sharing a bed.  When one goes to bed, everyone has to go to bed.

Global Resort Homes is a vacation home company in the Orlando area close to Disney and all the major attractions.  They have made a short movie showing a family of 5 on vacation and the contrast of staying in a hotel vs a vacation home.  With the movie short premiering on July 31st, they have decided to run a fun promotion.  Enter to win a $200 American Express Gift Card while following along for the release of the trailers and interview up to the premiere. You can watch the first trailer below for the mandatory entry into the giveaway!


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  2. a happy wife is a happy life and also the moment the husband realized that he’d made a mistake by going too cheap.

  3. The part where everything is in slow motion, kids jumping on the bed and the parents ready to pull their hair out. Typical day!!

  4. Haha I liked the quote of the last thing he said. Something about Hotel will be cheaper.. it’ll be fine! haha

  5. My fav part was when the mom was relaxing in a hot tub with bubbles and sipping on a glass of red wine. It looked so relaxing.

  6. @3:10 when it’s in slow motion..the great music, frustrated dad and the kids are bouncing like crazy on the bed hahaha

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

    • Maybe I’m wrong, but there aren’t alot of comments..does that mean alot of people didn’t do the main required entry? lol..Just wondering! thanks!

  7. I like the part where the happy family are in the nice house. They all have fun and having a good time.

  8. I like the part where they’re in the hotel where they have to take turns using the bathroom – so relatable

  9. I liked when the mom was handing out pizza and it slid to the ground and the little girl just sat there.

  10. I loved when the dad woke up the mom and tried to get some love , but the kid woke up from a nightmare and got into bed with them 🙂 cute!!!!

  11. Hilarious when the dad was trying to romance mom, until the little girl woke up and climbed in bed with them

  12. I thought the part with the band Shout London playing over the credits and the music/singing itself was great. Yay for pool noodles!

  13. As a pizza fanatic, I was a little jealous my mum never threw any pizzas at me! lol! Very cute clip.

  14. Most definitely mom getting mad at being in the hotel room and basically tossing the pizza slices at each kid.

  15. I entered your giveaway.
    It would be great to win the $200 American Express Gift Card.
    In response to your question of What was your favorite part of the video?
    I liked when the kids were jumping on their beds
    while dad was sitting there changing the channel on the television with the remote.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!!

  16. I liked the miserable look on the dad’s face while the kids were horsing around in the background, jumping on the beds, feathers flying while Ave Maria was playing the background.

  17. My favorite part is the wife’s face when she basically tells him “I told you so”. Its a face I give my mom all the time when she tries to cut corners or do something faster or cheaper. Sometimes you just have to put in more money to get what you want.

  18. I loved watching the kids wreak havoc in the hotel room…I got a chuckle out of that, remembering a few similar evenings I have shared with my family!

  19. I like the part when the kids are driving him crazy because he opted for the cheaper motel instead of the resort home rental.


  20. Wow … one of my fave parts was when she was in the bathtub relaxing and happy…. sweet. But the best of all parts …. when he says ….. You’re right! Sucks he didn’t really say it though. Awesome video.

  21. I like how the cheap hotel was “fine” or “pretty good”. Seems accurate on how we treat our lives. Vacation should be going for great (of course some people do that without staying in their means which is no good)

  22. He says trust me the cheap hotel will be fine and then he ends up in divorce court. Ha should have listened to his wife, always a good idea.

  23. The miserable look on the dad’s face while the kids were horsing around in the background, jumping on the beds, feathers flying while Ave Maria was playing the background.

  24. I love the movie in slow motion when the kids are jumping up and down on the bed and the dad looks miserable
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  25. I liked the whole video, but I really liked the Wife looks she kept giving her husband and when the wife tossed the pizza on the kids plates and the little girl’s piece fell on the floor and they just didn’t care.

  26. I like the Law and Order Theme when he is at the Courthouse, and when the Kid Jumps in the Bed with them when he is feeling Amorous.

  27. OMG! This is my family! With 3 kids, we’re really sympathizing with these people. The kid crawling in bed with Mom and Dad in the middle of the night… so been there, done that.

    We’d like to plan a vacation to Orlando, but the thought of everyone piled up in one room doesn’t appeal to any of us. (Having a private pool sounds like a huge plus!)

  28. I like the beginning where the father was trying to act real cool and wanted to get a high 5 from the kids. Of course they don’t think he’s cool, so they didn’t high five back.

  29. The hotel scene, with the fighting and jumping on the bed. The close quarters, totally us when we go on vacation!!


  30. i thought it was funny when hes sitting on the bed and the kiddos were jumping on it behind him. ha!

  31. I liked it when the girls all frowned when hearing at first they would not get to stay at a house for vacation

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  32. This is an entertaining and persuasive video! I liked it when they finally walked into the “real house” and there was so much space and things to do and plenty of bathrooms. When she enjoyed some wine in the bath: I was there!

  33. It might just be me, but I thought the wife looked relived when she put the kid in their bed, while hubs looked put out. That was my fave part.

  34. I liked when ‘Mickey had a bad dream’ at the ratty motel right about the time the hubby felt romantic.

  35. I liked the stilted dialogue, manipulative lighting and background and watching the whitest family on earth.

  36. I like the parts where the kids are jumping on the bed in slow motion and you see popcorn and soda raining down.

  37. I like when the hubby tries to get frisky and the kid climbs into bed..hahaha serves him right! it scared me when I heard the siren I thought it was near my house and not in the video so I ripped off my headphones and it wasn’t

  38. I love it when he’s sitting on the bed, trying to watch TV, and the kids are jumping on the bed behind him….with opera music playing in the background. TRAGIC!!! 😀

  39. My favorite part is when the little girl says “mickeys had a bad dream” doesnt this always happen? lol


  41. I loved when the mom asked if she could talk the dad into a “massage” (but I was a little creep-ed out when the dad wanted to mess around with his kids in the room, uh, NO!!!) Loved how the little girl always interrupted with “Mickey had a bad dream”, LOL.

  42. My fave part was when they got in the house.There was no fighting over the bathroom or kids fighting.They had fun family time and that’s what a vacation is all about. Thank you 🙂

  43. It’s scary how much that hotel room looks like the one we always get when in Orlando! The pizza scene on the bed with the kids and the fighting is all too familiar! lol Like it when he says “trust me”. The house is awesome. I wish my husband would go for a house! He… like the guy in the video usually argues the cost and that we don’t spend enough time in the hotel to justify anything other than a budget room with one bathroom and no kitchen! Thanks for the giveaway.

  44. I love the part when the husband said you’ve been a bad girl and the little girl said mickey had a bad dream.

  45. I like the scene when they get to the cheap hotel and the kids all beat dad to the bathroom.

  46. At the end when they show you how it was made, it’s funny to see all those cameras in the hotel room with them, thanks for the chance!!

  47. When they arrive at the cheap, dumpy hotel and have to share a bathroom between 5 people.

  48. I like the Ave Maria segment. I have been there in those situations more times than I’d like to think about!

  49. My favorite part is when things were really going south in the motel room, and Ave Maria started playing! Hilarious!

  50. i love the look on the kids. and the littlest girl..when she is pouting (wanting to go on vacation) and then when her pizza falls on the floor! and the dad having to wait to go to the restroom-and his stomach comment. 😉

  51. My favorite part of the video is where the Dad is having a nervous breakdown in his car, after choosing the motel over the rental house.

  52. “It’ll be fine, trust me!” Haha! When Dad says something like that, you know you’re in for an interesting time 😉

  53. I really like when the dad was crying, hilarious. It’s not very often you see a dad crying, so that was really funny and cute.

  54. I love it when the Dad says “It’ll be fine, trust me!” (That’s what my Husband always says when something goes wrong,!!!) Thanks for the chance 🙂

  55. I like the part where the little girl tells here mom and dad she had a nightmare and got in bed with them.

  56. I love the little girl’s pouty face when her mom is trying to convince her dad to rent the vacation house instead of the cheap motel. Even the kids know better than their dad!

  57. I love seeing the first scene where Mom is trying to convince Dad the house is best and Dad is too cheap. This is the way it always goes at my house too.

  58. The slow motion of the tired dad and the kids jumping on the bed and the soda bottle flying at the zoned out dad, too funny!

  59. Its funny all the stuff going wrong at hotel like pizza falling off plate and only 2 beds for 2 adults and 3 kids

  60. Too funny and accurate…I liked when he realized sharing one room was’t going to have any benefits…wink! lol

  61. The private pool and hot tub is my favorite part! I DONT like it when they portray dads as such doofuses (even though sometimes they are, lol). With two teen daughters, we outgrew hotel rooms a few years ago and have been staying in homes and two room suites on vacation, for about the same price as a hotel! It is so worth the extra space.

  62. My favorite part is in the hotel room where the kids are just being kids jumping on the beds & misbehaving and the father seems to be at the end of his rope.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. I thought banging his head on the steering wheel and about 4 -5 mins in trying to get it off his hand thinking about the just trust me very entertaining

  64. my favorite part was he’s driving and just got a break down and he bangs his head on the stirring wheel and cries like a baby. now that is funny.

  65. The despair and look of panic on his face in the beginning had me wondering what had happened.

  66. Hm…I agree with him-DON’T SHARE YOUR FAMILY VACATION with ANOTHER (especially if they have kids!)

  67. Like a lot of others, my favorite part was the very convincing breakdown at the end of the clip — very memorable way to close out a fun promo!

  68. I didn’t really have a favorite part but if I have to choose I guess the guy crying because he realized he should’ve listened to his wife.

  69. The look on his face when he realizes he should’ve listened to his wife and booked the vacation home with Nancy!

  70. Him banging head on steering wheel. It’s what happens when one does not listen to their wife 😉

  71. I didn’t get it… It should have shown the hotel full or that it was awful… would tied much better! The man crying was perfect though…We rented a place when we went to Florida and shared it with family. Was awesome!!! It was clean, cheaper and more fun!

  72. The music in the video cracks me up, and I have felt like the man in the car several times on vacation before! 🙂 thank you

  73. Like most others, the crying was the best part. He looked and sounded pretty pathetic…

  74. Does my honest comment count if I didn’t like the video and, therefor, I had no favorite part?

  75. the crying at the end reminded me of an old silent movie. the whole ad kind of seemed like early comedy (over the top and exaggerated).

  76. Lol my favorite part was when the guy is banging his head against the steering wheel 🙂

  77. When he was banging his head on the steering wheel. How I feel when I have to deal with my mentally ill mother.

  78. Banging your head on the steering wheel…I mock doing that because I get the frustration but if I actually bang my head on something, I could trigger a migraine. LOL.

  79. when he said ‘ a whole house is a bit much we can just get a hotel’ .. that is exactly what MY husband would say!

  80. I enjoyed seeing dad smash his head into the steering wheel. Does that make me a bad person?

  81. HA!I would cry too!Nice is cheaper to rent a home than a room.My bff uses Global when she goes to Orlando and the homes are super nice!We are going to Edisto Island next month and that is what we are going to do 🙂

  82. Crying and the headbanging–reminds of childhood trips with my parents. Good times?

  83. my fav part was when he’s crying b/c who hasn’t been there.
    vacations are great but they can be so stressful too.

  84. Haha!!! I loved that facial expression when he sobbed at the end of the video. It made me smile…. Now I feel like a terrible person! LOL

  85. To be perfectly honest I couldn’t hear anything at all in the video. My husband recently raided this desktop and took out the sound card. But I still enjoyed his acting ability. I bet the actor’s mother said this to him a lot as a kid —- Don’t twist your face like that, it might freeze that way!

  86. The fact that I can identify with the total meltdown even though I have never done this in the car.

  87. I see just everyone else feels the same, my favorite part is when he’s hitting his head on the steering wheel.

  88. I like the beginning, before he starts his daydream..I like how zoned out and in his own thoughts he seems. But when he starts wailing like a child, is a close second for me.

  89. I didn’t like it either, it reflects the sad reality that we’re all workaholics and don’t get any vacations. Maybe I should hit my head on a steering wheel.

  90. haha I love when the husband realizes his mistake and starts banging his head on the steering wheel. Nice!

  91. I guess the Dad banging his head on the steering wheel. It seems like the whole film could have been better/funnier though. It looks like they didn’t put enough thought in to it.

  92. I liked and related to the part where the dad says that renting a whole home seems too much.

  93. It was so short that there wasn’t any explanation as to why he was miserable. I guess I liked the part where the wife suggested they rent a house.

  94. I didn’t really like any of it- but the best part was probably when his wife told him her idea of splitting a vacation home

  95. Who doesn’t like to see Dad bang his head on the steering wheel in frustration? ! my favourite part.

  96. Well clearly then end when he’s banging his head and crying hahaha. Reminds me of my husband if he misses out on a good deal

  97. It was a little short to have a favorite part, but I guess I’d have to say the comical crying of the guy in the end. I don’t know if it was supposed to seem genuine, but it came off as funny to me.

  98. Too funny, we had a very similar conversation with our friends several months ago… we’re sharing a condo from Global Resort homes lol!

  99. I like when the husband realizes his mistake and is crying & banging his head on the steering wheel!

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