Find your center

I am a mom, wife, business owner, daughter, sister, boss, friend, and …the list is neverending… I am pulled in fifteen directions all at the same time, and I am expected to perform well! Then add the kids getting ill and passing it along to me, and you pretty much have a frazzled ball of nerves! Sound familiar? Moms go through this every single day. Sometimes our hats are different, but we are still expected to be on point, one-hundred percent of the time.

So how do we do this and not have a nervous breakdown?

You should find ways to find your center. Reconnect with the Earth. Slow down and breathe. It is just as important to take care of ourselves as it is to take care of our children, maybe even more. Who will be the one to teach them the lessons of life if you die from a stress-related stroke? Usually all it takes to recharge and find your center is a few minutes a day. A tiny slice of me-time in your otherwise busy day. It can be easier than you think with these simple tips!

3 ways to find your center

  1. Breathe. No really, breathe, nice and slow from your diaphragm. Many, when stressed, only breathe into their lungs which is a shallow breathe. When you breathe a nice long deep breath, filling up your diaphragm, drawing the air deep into your belly, you are cleansing your organs and allowing your body to relax. If you rhythmically take 3-count breaths, you can slow your respiration rate, heart rate, and ultimately your stress level. Just inhale filling up your belly first and chest second for a count of three. Then hold your breath for a count of three. Exhale from your belly first then your chest for a count of three. Nice and slow. Tada! Life is already a little easier in under 5 minutes.
  2. Quiet your mind. Shhhh…..Your mind is constantly thinking, worrying, planning.. The chatter doesn’t stop. It is easy to get caught in the hustle and bustle of life, but sometimes we need to just have peace and quiet! Just close your eyes and shhhh. When a thought comes in, recognize it and visually push it away with your mind. Maybe blowing away will help. Often, I have to physically blow out the negative energy to fill back up with a more positive air. If you see it, it will come!
  3. Get back to nature. I love going in my greenhouse, relaxing in my chair and breathing in the beauty. I like to get my hands and feet in the dirt to recharge from the earth. I visualize I am a tree and my feet are the roots soaking in the nourishment from the ground. I scan my body and become “present” in the here-and-now. It is amazing how refreshing this can be.

Juil specializes in connecting you to the power of the earth beneath your feet to balance the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Find your center

When you find your center, you will find everything just falls into place easier than before. You are able to relate to others easier, feel a boost in your energy and a renewed sense of tolerance. Your health benefits from this immensely, but sometimes it isn’t practical (or legal) to take off your shoes and dig in the dirt. The Juil ballet flats I am wearing are one of the many styles featuring copper dots in the soles.

What's with the dots?The copper dots allow you to maintain a direct connection to the earth through connectivity. This connection enables the Earth’s electrons to be absorbed into your body helping you stay calm and comfortable. The flats allow you to do it in style! Juil thought the dots would look cool in the toes, but it only takes a single point of contact between your feet and the earth’s surface to maintain an earthing connection. Pretty cool! Connect with Juil on their social media channels for more info on how earthing and grounding can soothe your soul! @JuilConnect, Pinterest and Facebook.

What is your biggest obstacle today? Go find your center, breathe and then go back to tackle the world.