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Three Ways To Celebrate Digital Learning Day 2014

Today is National Digital Learning Day! For a girl who loves tech, this is the perfect holiday for me! Whenever a new device or gadget comes out, I love to read up on it and usually add it to my tech wish list. I love how much easier my life is since technology has entered my life. I mean, remember the days when we had to go to the library and lug around the encyclopedias to look anything up? Caitlin recently had a huge report due on Nazi Germany and we did all of our research in just a few hours. It would have taken a full day to do the same amount of work in the library. In observance of Digital Learning Day 2014, I wanted to offer a few suggestions on what you could do today.

3 Ideas For Celebrating Digital Learning Day

  1. Audio E-Books: One of my very favorite digital things to do is download books and read them on my tablet. I love mystery and suspense as well as self help and health and fitness books. With all the free books available now, I can learn a ton of stuff without spending a dime!
  2. Educational Games: As a home school mom, I am always using our tablet and computer for lesson plans, resources and games. Henry learns much easier when he plays games or uses a hands on approach, so going digital is the way for this family to learn.
  3. Take An Online Class: I cannot drive since my surgery on my shoulder, so going to traditional classes is not in the cards for me. Instead, I take my classes online and I love the convenience. I am currently taking a photography class online and it is super cool. I am learning more online than I did when I took a similar class inside a classroom!

The one tool that ties all of my digital learning together is a tablet. I cannot imagine going anywhere without my tablet from the line of Vinci family devices. I have been a fan of the Vinci products since I saw them at CES in 2013. You can read about my experience with their 5″ Vinci Tab III in my review, Should You Use A Tablet For Homeschooling? I love the Vinci products for so many reasons, and among the top are the quality, affordability and family friendly resources. We use our Vinci tablets for home schooling and fun and it gets equal time between the adults and the kids.

For Christmas, I received the latest product from Vinci, the Vinci MV 7″ 4.1 Android tablet, which retails for $200. This tablet is great for the entire family and it was such a hit at Christmas, my eldest daughter would not put it down. You have access to the internet, can add it to your voice and data plan and the Vinci curriculum (which is sold separately). It has Android 4.1, Dual SIM, 3G Data, GPS, Bluetooth, WIFI, and has 8GB. It is lightweight, is powerful, surfs the Internet super fast and travels easily. We take it wherever we go because the kids can play games on it and I can access my apps when we are shopping. This is a tablet geared for families with younger children, but honestly, I think it is perfect for families of any age group. The Vinci family also offers tablets of other sizes, accessories, games and other apps for kids.

One USA reader will win a Vinci MV 7″ 4.1 Android tablet $200! Just answer this question in the comments below:

How will you celebrate Digital Learning Day 2014?


  1. I’ve never researched the Vinci products before. My girls have our hand-me-down iPads so we make due with those. (Although the original iPad doesn’t even update any more!)

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