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Show Someone You Care With

We have all had that time in our lives when a simple “thank you” is just not quite enough. Maybe it was for an act of kindness which was sent your way. Perhaps it was during a difficult time in your life when a friend was really there for you. Another aspect is sometimes it is hard to express how we feel when we are caught up in the moment. It seems once we have stepped away from the situation, we think of so many awesome things we could have said! If that has happened to you, here are some suggestions to help you in the future!

Three Creative Ways To Say Thank You

Three Creative Ways To Say Thank You

  1. Edible Arrangements: A popular trend is sending edible arrangements that include fruit, candy, cookies and other delectable varieties. A blooming fruit basket would be perfect to ring in the new year!
  2. Homemade Treats: There are endless possibilities with something homemade. You can make a card with your scrap book materials or send a jar of your special hand made preserves with a handwritten card attached.
  3. virtual thank you notes: There is nothing easier than to send a card via the Internet. You can personalize your card to suit the occasion, add graphics, music, a video and more. This is made especially easy with, a website created to help us celebrate our connection with others. It also allows us to express our appreciation for the people we have to be thankful for. is a website crated to help us celebrate our connection with others. It also allows us to express our appreciation for the people we have to be thankful for. It allows you to easily tell a family member, friend or even a stranger how much you love or appreciate them. helps you express yourself with the written word when it may be hard to verbalize how you feel. It also allows others to send back their own words of encouragement, gratitude or friendship. It is a wonderful tool to open the lines of communication that is the foundation for a compassionate and caring community.

The process of using the website is so easy! It takes just a few minutes to create your free account and you are ready to go. I was able to send a thank you note to my best friend for her love and friendship during a difficult time in my life. It was much more personal than an ordinary email or text or an e-card that is so uniform.

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I was able to chose an icon to be included in the note that represented to me that period in my life and I chose her favorite color for the background. If you like, you can immerse yourself deeper into the community and create your own journals, write articles, design albums using your favorite pictures, videos or music. You decide you can read your journal, so it is as private or public as you feel comfortable with. This is truly a fun, creative and innovative way to tell someone how you feel about them! So remember, you can send anyone a note of thanks for any reason at anytime, and it is fun fast and free!

Which special person in your life would you send a note from to and why?

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  1. I live a distance from most of my family so I can relate to the “virtual greetings” I’ve never heard of but I will be checking it out

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