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As we get older it takes more and more effort to maintain our physical condition. I am constantly looking for more efficient ways to stay fit, and ways to make the time and effort I expend more effective. When trying to shed stubborn abdominal fat, I have found three ways to help shake it loose.

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Over-consumption is a common issue today as modern conveniences and increasing efficiency of food production has enabled the average consumer to easily acquire far more sustenance than they require. Our inability to demonstrate portion control can lead to excessive caloric intake and a net weight gain. Focus on eating slowly and chewing thoroughly. This aids digestion and absorption of nutrients while artificially lengthening meal times and leading to less consumption.

Stress is a part of all our lives, and our ability to deal with it may have more influence on our physiology than we account for on a daily basis. One of the ways our body reacts to stress is increased production of cortisol, a steroid hormone. Under stressful conditions, cortisol can provide the body with protein for energy production. Additionally, it can move fat from storage depots and relocate it to fat cell deposits deep in the abdomen, and encourages fat cells to mature. A concerted effort to recognize and moderate our sources of stress can result in more effective workouts.

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A third factor in the search for reduced fat retention is the performance of our digestive system. The ecosystem of microorganisms living in our gastrointestinal tract do the work of breaking down the fuel we ingest, and helping that process can make our bodies into more efficient engines. One way to accomplish this is Renew Life Skinny Gut Ultimate Shakes.† Twenty grams of Organic, Grain-free Protein from seeds and legumes help build muscle, and ten grams of Prebiotic Organic Fiber, to help curb appetite by helping you feel full.* What intrigues me is the ten Billion live Ultimate Flora™ Probiotic cultures providing specially selected strains to support healthy gut balance.* Of course, it has no added sugar, artificial ingredients or preservatives and provides a low fat, low calorie, gluten free nutritional supplement to my diet. Try one out today and see which is your favorite: Renew Life Skinny Gut Vanilla Shake or Renew Life Skinny Gut Chocolate Shake.

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†Skinny Gut nutritional supplements, along with lifestyle changes, promote digestive system balance to help achieve your ideal weight.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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