Once Upon A Time

It happens to the best of us. Tossed in to a conversation with some friends comes a character from a show that everyone has seen… but you. You fake your way through, but feel guilty afterwards. That show IS really good. Everyone agrees. Why haven’t I caught up on it yet? Those shows are your shelfies. You set them up there one day and just forgot all about it. This is the month to do something about it.

This is not a nuanced selection. If I met someone who wasn’t familiar with the zombies, I would guess they are really not into it or their television skips a channel here and there. It is the highest rated show on television. At least be ready with an excuse. I can’t watch it with the kids around, and so I get behind from time to time. I was respectably up-to-date until the new show arrived. One timeline, two casts, lots of zombies.

Once Upon a Time

About to start its fifth season, Once Upon A Time’s delicious episodes are nearly ripe. Make sure you’ve tasted the sweet fruit from the first four seasons before you’re stuck with the sour taste of spoilers on your tongue. The return of a beloved character perhaps? No, it’s not possible. Not even in a fairy tale. An episode a day keeps the shocking revelations away. That saying would be more memorable if spoken by someone with a medical degree.

Grey's Anatomy

Speaking of medical degrees, I will freely admit to having seen every episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I cannot be accused of catching up when I clearly am just watching this show over and over. This is more of a public service announcement to anybody who isn’t watching and feels emotions. It will make you feel happy and sad, if you only give it a chance. Watch with me on Netflix!

Which shelfies are you ready to catch up on?