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Time To Shop For Back To School And #BagItForward With Elmer’s

This is a pretty exciting time for my family. My son Jakobi will be experiencing his very first day of school ever. He has been beyond excited and has been talking about this day for two years. Elmer’s has a Free 1st Day app to help you celebrate the first day of school with pictures to share with your family and friends. You can download the Elmer’s first day app from this website or right at the store with a QR code on select Elmer’s glue bottles and will be displayed in stores where school supplies are sold.

The Elmer’s 1st Day app includes a unique mobile phone app and website built to capture treasured photos and memories from the first day of school. This way you can always look back at the app and treasure those moments forever. What is really neat is that for every photo uploaded, Elmer’s is donating a product to the Kids in Need Foundation so they are participating in #BagItForward too! Why don’t you join us? Check out BagItForward.org for more info.

I could not believe the price of glue. It just made me want to buy a whole lot. I am one of those crazy people when something is under a dollar, I just want to buy it. Yep nuts I know. Good thing I had a good cause, so I bought 10 bottles and divided them up between my mom’s high school and Jakobi’s preschool. You can stay in touch with Elmer’s on Facebook and Twitter, and you can find Bag It Forward on Pinterest too see all the great stories.

You can see my whole shopping experience with my Google Plus Album. I found so many products that were on sale at Walmart, I decided to get 1/2 of Jakobi’s class their school supplies since they were on scholarship. I also am providing my mom’s high school English class with lined paper, Kleenex, pencils, folders, glue and a back pack. So many times she has told me stories about how the kids in her school do not bring paper or pencils to do their assignments and she has to pay for the supplies. My mom has a kind heart and wants her kids to succeed, but 30 kids 7 periods a day adds up right? She works at a school that has a lot of kids from the low-income housing areas, so they sometimes do not even have a back pack. I gave her one of those too.

This is a collection of all the supplies I got from Walmart. Jakobi had such a good time separating them out, we ended up giving them all away! Now we get to go shopping again!

These are the three bags we filled with Back to school supplies for our bag it forward Simple Service project. It really makes me feel good to know that I am helping other people. It really warmed my heart when Jakobi brought out his back pack and told me he wanted to give it to a kid who did not have one. Isn’t he sweet! I am so glad we were able to get quality school supplies like Elmer’s to others. Are you interested on learning more about the Champions for Kids #BagItForward campaign?

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  1. What an exciting time for your family! I love that your son helped with your generous Bag It Forward donation! What a wonderful activity to do together as he gets ready for his own first days! I hope your efforts inspire many to get involved in this important effort!

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