Research suggests that most of us upgrade our smartphone devices every twelve to eighteen months, with others holding onto their phones for much longer – but given tech changes are happening so quickly, often almost on a month to month basis, it can be difficult to follow the changes and to know what to look out for when it comes time to choose your next phone – so what do you need to consider, and what should you be looking out for?

            Identify your requirements – Before even figuring out what to look for, the first step is to identify what you actually want from this device – will it be used primarily for communication? Do you play games or watch lots of movies on your phone? These are just a couple of the questions you’ll need to think of an answer, as although many devices are very similar there are some that stand out for more niche uses.

            Important features – Once you’ve identified your uses for the device, the next step is to pick the important features that you’ll be using most often. It will come as a default soon enough but there are still some outliers who haven’t adopted 5G connection yet and should be something you look out for and make sure your next upgrade has access to. Gaming has become an extremely popular way to spend time on our devices too as despite a number of recent changes in initiatives such as gamstop a growing number of operators don’t register, you’ll find them here if you’re looking to use these sites and may factor into one of the features you choose to look for in the display – many consumer devices are now allowing faster displays to deliver better performance for everyday use and for gaming, and may be a consideration.

            Your device life expectancy – You’ll also need to consider how long you intend to be using the device for – if you are one of the outliers who chooses to hold onto your devices for years at a time you may need to consider something other than an Apple or Samsung device as they have a habit of artificially shortening the lifespan of their devices through updates, and perhaps consider something with a little more longevity. If you’re looking to replace your device within that twelve to eighteen month period and can afford the switch regularly, you’ll be better off choosing a flagship that’s stacked with features so you can find all the new upgrades and changes that come with them.

There are so many options for devices now that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make an informed choice, even across brands many share much of the same hardware with small differences – if you’re sticking with your preferred brand it may be beneficial to understand their shortcomings too and not just choose that one brand because it’s your favourite, many smaller names are starting to capture and don’t command the same four digit price point that others do.