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Tips and Tricks for Fighting the Winter Blues

With the winter season only half way done, it’s not always easy to keep our moods on the sunny side. When it’s dark and cold out, I am usually motivated to try to keep the warmth factor high inside. Many times, the company of family and friends is the best antidote to the cold. Whether sharing comfort foods at the dining table or cuddling under blankets in the family room, the true warmth comes from the heart connections to those we love. My favorites are a few simple tried and true methods to keep my family happy with Old Man Winter as our long-term guest.

  1. Eat Foods That Fight Depression: Cashews are known to boost mood and they are super yummy and easy to take on the go! Vitamin C is good for the brain, so get ahold of some fresh citrus when you can. Smart carbs like whole grains and fruits can help fight the blues, too.
  2. Expose Yourself to Early Morning Sunlight: You’ll want to maximize your exposure to those precious few daylight hours, so step outside as early as you can, even if only for a few minutes.
  3. Keep Candles Burning: When the sun goes down so early, all of those artificial lights can be a real headache. I like to keep the mood warm and bright with candles or a fire in the fireplace.
  4. Stock Up Your Medicine Cabinet: In winter, the seasonal colds sweep through, and only a  lucky few escape the onslaught of germs. One way to help you feel better fast is to start taking an effective medicine to relieve the symptoms as soon as possible. Children’s Dimetapp® Cold & Allergy is one that you will always find in my sneezing-congestion-and-runny-nose-fighting arsenal. The grape flavor is a great bonus that takes the “fight with the kids” part right out of the equation.
  5. Huddle Up for Family Nights: Whether we build a cushion and blanket fort or just cuddle together under the blankets on the couch, the warmth of spending family time together is always a swift cure to the winter blues. Carving out this time at least once a week will help keep your mood soaring and your heart warm.

This post has been sponsored by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. All opinions are my own.

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