Backpacking India has more to it then spending your valuable time in the traveler hubs of Goa, Hampi, Manali and Rishikesh but, to be honest this is not what you call true India.

When it comes to backpacking in India, it is whole of a crazy experience filled with packages of fun and excitement.

To travel through the nation you don’t have to jump off a jeep and hitchhike or even sleep rough because backpacking India is pretty much cheap that anybody can afford it.

It is a true fact that exploring India can be real challenge but for the adventure lovers India gives you some of the best places to explore and travel in all the Asia.

In order to make your backpacking trip in India more satisfying and worry free we are here with some backpacking tips that you might keep in mind while exploring India like the Indians do.

No matter how you travel or where you are heading, even munching on some delicious curries, backpacking India will always be an adventure. So the tips we are providing is to make your journey as smooth and easy as possible.

  • EAT WHERE THE LOCALS EATS: Do you want to explore the real tastes of Indian dishes? Then making friends with the locals will help you reach the best places and streets where you can find authentic Indian dishes.
  • SWOT UP ON TRAINSPOTTING: Travelling by train in India is always a fun way to explore the country. Indian railway transport provides you the fastest and the easiest means of booking and travel pleasures. In addition to that, the train journey will take you on a closer look of the beauty of India.
  • PURIFY YOUR WATER: In India drinking from tap must be avoided. To clinch your thirst you can either go for plastic purified bottles or even can have an increasingly effective range purifying bottle filters such as Water-to-go, which purifies even the dirtiest water into crystal clear. A backpacker can also go for RO water facilities that can be found in many restaurants in India for free.
  • BE RESPECTFUL: India is a country that is proud of its rich cultural heritage and strong, deep rooted religious believes and traditions. There are many things that you may avoid doing while your journey in India. Eating with your right hand, removing shoes before entering to a temple or any religious place, no showing of public affections and many more. You need to be concerned with the minor feelings in order to get connected with the locals.
  • FIND THE FESTIVALS: India is also known as the land of festive, from huge national holidays to tiny village festival, in India every festival is celebrated with a large chaos accompanied by dance, music and striking costumes. Being a part of some colorful festivals like Holi, Diwali camel fair in Pushkar and many more, will make your stay more pleasurable and you won’t even regret it.
  • STAY SAFE: Avoid carrying a large amount of cash with you and one should take care of their belongings while travelling in a crowded train or any place. You can even use an Indian SIM card that can be used to make Cheap calls to India.
  • TRY STREET FOOD: The best way to live like an Indian is to eat like an Indian and the best place to discover exotic foods is the streets of India. The best place in India to find the best street foods is Mumbai, where you can munch on delicious mouthwatering cuisines.
  • GO WITH THE FLOW: India is a rather challenging place to travel, and the only way to experience the real India is to open up to new experience and also accept the unpredictable and strange things that may occur in your everyday journey. Patience is the key and having a good sense of humor is important to keep you connected with the people.