I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. Get up. Get out of bed. Drag a comb across your head. Every morning people like you and me have to go through the same daily rituals before heading out to meet the dawn. How we begin our day sets the tone for the entire rest of it. A careless approach to morning ritual can backfire, leaving you disheveled and in tatters for the rest of the day. Take heed of these few helpful tips, and you will be saying the sun is shining in the sky, there’s not a cloud in sight.

Get Your Day Off To A Good Start

  • You Should Plan Ahead: Think about what you are going to wear the night before and make those decisions ahead of time. Let the kids think they have a choice and have everything out and ready to go. If you still work at a job where you have to wear ironed clothes, do it the night before. There is nothing less fun than ironing when it’s still dark outside. Most serious morning problems, like missing socks, can be easily solved with just a little planning.
  • Make Sure You Have Extra Time: While it’s not always easy to give yourself that extra cushion of time, it really helps with potential stress. Just an extra ten minutes can mean that the knots in your daughter’s hair is not a huge deal. The fact that she didn’t remember her shoes until the school parking lot….now that is going to be a problem . Also assume that the younger the child, the longer everything will take. Maybe it works the other way. I’m not sure.
  • Eat A Good Breakfast: The easiest, healthiest way to start your day is with a Naked Brand vegetable or fruit juice. With flavors like chick-pea, plum, and sweet potato you are not going to go wrong. Their fruit juices are a virtual machine of vitamin boost. It’s vegetables and not much more. Take a swing at the Coconut Water as well. Have fun with it.

naked juice

Naked Juice is committed to providing products that enhance your life as well as the planet’s. From fruit-sourcing partnerships to 100% post recycled bottles, Naked Juice is committed to the belief that wellness extends from ourselves to the rest of the world. Since 1983, they have been committed to making the most nutritious beverages. The newest products – Berry Almond Nut milk, Bright Beets, Chia Cherry Lime, Chia Sweet Peach, Proteins & Greens, and Kale Blazer – offer a delicious blend of fruits and vegetables and pack a nutritional punch. It’s nice to have somebody looking out for us every once and a while.

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Visit the Naked Juice website and find your favorite flavor. Find out about the dark leafy greens powered by kale. The vitamins are bursting out. Get on it. Follow Naked Juice on Facebook ,Twitter, and Instragram.

What is an important part of your morning routine?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.