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Tips For A Safe Halloween

Is Your Halloween Costume Safe?

The best time to ask is your Halloween costume safe is before you buy it!  So many people get caught up in the excitement of choosing a costume that they don’t consider safety.  Here are some great tips for making sure the costumer you choose is safe.

    • Is the material the costume if made from safe?  Although great strides have been made to reduce the flammable materials some costumes are made of, some are still squeaking by.  There are costumes that are still made from flammable materials, so please check your labels and know what you are buying!  Also take into consideration any extras that you are wearing like a beard, sword or other prop, etc.  Look for nylon or polyester in the tag.  If there are materials you aren’t sure about, Google before you take it home.

  • Does your costume fit?  Make sure you are able to try on your costume before you buy it.  If you are buying it online, check your local costume shop for the same costume.  Try it on there before you buy it online.  If there is a mask, does it allow you to have clear vision?  Also check the length.  If a costume is too long, you are going to be tripping over it all night.
  • If you are walking while you trick-or-treat, do you have a flashlight or other light source?  Are you sticking together in a group?  Do you have an adult present while the kids are going door to door?  If you are driving from house to house, make sure you are aware of your surroundings.  Many kids out there are probably going to get caught up in the fun and not think to look before crossing a street.


Finding The Best Costume

Well, it is that time of year to start finding the best costume.  If you can make your Halloween experience safe and fun, that is what is most important.  If you are going to buy a costume, you are probably trying to decide who has the best costumes at the best price.  Disguise, a costume company, has been in business since 1987 and started out with only 12 costumes!!  Today, Disguise is one of the foremost companies in the industry and they accomplished this by selling the highest of quality products at an affordable price.  By partnering with such iconic companies like Disney, Marvel, Hasbro and Sesame Workshop, Disguise is able to bring you the most popular costumes that other companies wish they had.  My family was given the Spiderman Movie Classic Muscle from Marvel ($59.99).  I was immediately impressed with this costume not only for its amazing quality, but for the fit as well.  This is the first costume we have had that fit in all the right places.  The upper portion of the costume had plenty of room to cross your arms and move freely, which is not always the case.  The mask had the eyeholes in the right spot!!  I could not believe we finally found a mass produced mask that had eye holes where they belonged!  I would highly recommend Disguise for your costume needs.

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