Custom Made Curtains

Custom Made Curtains

Custom made curtains can be a great addition to any room.  Besides painting, window treatments may be the most important decorating decision you can make.  If you are on budget and want to change the look of a room, a beautiful drape or cornice could make all the difference in the world.  Here a few hints when choosing the right window treatment for your home.

    1. If you want a more casual look to a room, blinds can be an inexpensive way to change the look of your windows.  You can find bamboo shades at reasonable prices at the local home decorating or discount store.  Not only is bamboo an affordable choice, it is also a great way to go green!  If you have a larger than average window, you can buy two shades and hang them together by mounting them above the window.

Vie De Jolie

  • If you want to make a darker room lighter, you can buy some beautiful sheer curtains or drapes.  There is not a better way to make a room look light and airy than to hang a beautifully colored or textured sheer.  You can find sheers that are tone on tone, are embroidered or even have little crystals in them to catch the light
  • If you want a more elegant look to a room, a beautiful cornice board may be an option for you.  A cornice board is just three pieces of wood that are made just like a simple wooden shelf.  The materials you need for your cornice board can be gotten at the home improvement store and they are quite affordable.  For the fabric, you want to choose a home décor weight fabric that will not pull or tear when you staple your fabric to the board.

Alternatives To Curtains

Alternatives To Curtains

If you are looking for alternatives to curtains, a beautiful tie up shade can be a great choice.  When I redecorated my bedroom, I knew who I was going to call on to help me make a statement in the room. Jolie Sarrantonio of  VieDeJolie, is pretty much a goddess of making the most gorgeous window treatments to your home.  With her mother being a home-textiles designer, Jolie was immersed a world of beautiful fabrics.  After graduating with a degree in communications, Jolie knew the place that would make her most happy would be one that included making beautiful products for the home.  Jolie’s work is immaculately done; her stitches are perfectly even and she uses only the best fabrics.  When you put those altogether, you get one of the finest in the field.  Jolie knew a tie up shade would be a great addition to my room and I was happy to take her advice.  I chose a fabric from her shop and within a short time; I was looking at the most beautiful window treatments I have ever seen.  Jolie was generous enough to send me two shades; The larger shade ($89.00) measures 52″ across and the smaller shade ($69.00) measures 36″ across. The work is impeccable and the ribbon and the fabric work together perfectly.  The shade is great for me as my bedroom window faces our back yard and I am on the lower level.  The shades give me all the privacy I need but roll up easily when I want to let the sunshine in!  I am just in love with everything Jolie makes and I am honored to have her work in my home.

One reader will the gorgeous tie up ribbon soft roman shade in the French Script pattern. The shade measures 45″ wide by 27″ with a coordinated chocolate backing which can be rolled front when installing. The shade is valued at $99.00


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  1. I just adore the Antique French Script you show in your article! The Parisian script with the post marks is also nice.

  2. My favorite product is definitely the Designer Trendset 22″x22″ Decorative Pillow Cover !! It would go perfectly with my 2 person lounge chair that has been needing some extra umph to it! 🙂

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