Creating A Color Scheme

Creating A Color Scheme For Your Home

When you are creating a color scheme for your home, it can be tricky.  There are so many things to take into consideration when you are decorating a room, that it can be scary.  For me, it is almost like jumping into the deep end of the swimming pool.  I know I will come up to the surface, but it still scares me every time I jump!  In my house, my husband is color blind, so he isn’t able to give an opinion on what he would like for the décor.  When we were shopping for a car a few years ago, Chris came home with a car that was a wine color.  When he pulled up, my sister and I pretended to be horrified and asked who let him off the car lot in a pink car.  It was hilarious!!  Here are a few tips that helped me when choosing the right colors.

  • Work with what you have:  If you have a piece of furniture, art or an area rug in the room, take inspiration from that.  If you have a beautiful abstract painting with deep jewel tones, choose 1-2 of those colors for your inspiration.
  • Where to start: There are a few things to take into consideration when deciding which room to decorate.  Typically, it is best to start with a room that gets the most traffic.  Another thing to think about it what you can see from the room you choose to start with.  If you are decorating the living room and you can see the dining room and kitchen from it, you should tie the rooms together.
  • Start with the dark:  A good rule of thumb when choosing the right colors is to work from dark to light, which in the home decor world is bottom to top.  So, if you have a beautiful oriental rug with deep jewel tones and you choose blue as your main color, you will gradually get a lighter shade of blue as you, move towards the ceiling.
  • Look in your closet:  What are your favorite colors to wear?  If you wear mostly earth tones, you will be better served to choose the same for your decorating color choices.  If you hate red, I would suggest not buying red drapes because you will want to tear them down after a few months! If you want to fund some great looking modern accessories for your home, you can visit My Urban Child and see their enormous inventory filled with amazingly cool products.

Choosing Accessories For Your Home

When decorating, choosing accessories for your home is an important piece to the puzzle.  Once you have chosen the main colors, you can start choosing pillows, lamps, art and other items for the room.  We have dark brown furniture in the living room and I wanted to work close to that pallet.  I love shopping at My Urban Child because they have such a fantastic selection of décor for your entire home.  It may say “child” in the title, but My Urban Child has great products for every room, for every age.  I found a really cute pillow that was just two colors but the print was a fun graphic.  I chose the 13 x 17 Oilo Modern Berries Pillow in brown ($49.00).  This pillow is so well made, which is something you can count on with My Urban Child.  They carry products that are of the highest quality while still making their process affordable.  I am just thrilled with my pillow and it looks so cute in our family room.  If you are someone who needs good back support, this pillow is the perfect size to give you that support you want.

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  1. Hard to choose just one favorite, but I’d have to say the Boon Flair Modern High Chair in Green and White is my first pick,

  2. Super pretty…and in my clean white home…lol…in my dream world (looking at very large BLACK great dane shedding at my feet and knowing it will only ever be a dream world, as children race through the house!) I’d like this…Nuevo Living Imperia Table Lamp in Clear

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