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Four Tips For Decorating In Small Spaces

If you live in a small house or apartment, you know how cramped things can get. If you have a family and pets, even living in a modestly sized home can be tight. With 4 people a cat and a dog living in a house, decorating within a confined space can be tricky. Instead of leaving your living area boring and plain, you just need to get a little creative! Here are a few ideas for decorating in small spaces to get you inspired!

4 Tips For Decorating Small Spaces

  1. Shelves: When decorating in your tiny home, shelves are your friend! When you have filled your cabinets, drawers and nooks and crannies, use a shelf or two! If you have an unusual nook you cannot really do anything with, you can easily build a desk and a few shelves above it.
  2. Storage: If you have limited storage space, you can easily add decorative bins, baskets and other items. For instance, you can stack vintage suitcases which can be decorative as well as functional. Put a piece of plexiglass on top and you have made a table with hidden storage underneath!
  3. Decorative Dividers: If you have rooms which are split into two areas, you can use dividers to keep the separate. If you have a family room which also serves as an office, add a folding screen or a beautiful curtain to keep them apart.
  4. Clever Furniture: Another great decorating idea for small spaces is buying furniture which is built for this issue. For example, the Tuc-Away Tables fold away when they are not in use, streamlining your space.

The Tuc-Away Tables are designer folding tables which allow you to maximize your space without cramping your style. The tables come in either brown or black and can attach and detach from all kinds of furniture. You can use it on your sofa, bed, chair, recliner and more.

When you are not using the Tuc-Away Table, you simply fold it and it is out-of-the-way. The design is simple and modern and fits easily into your home or office decor. It is perfect for that studio apartment, dorm room or small home or office. The finish is water-resistant and scratch proof, so it is perfect for families like mine! You can follow Tuc-Away Tables on Twitter and buy the Tuc-Away Table from their website as well as Brookstone for $70. One USA reader will win a Tuc-Away table.

Look at how easy it is to use the Tuc-Away Table!

The Tucaway table slides under the edge of the couch
Once the Tucaway table is installed in place, you have the option of keeping it up or down

What are your small space decorating challenges?


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