Things are way too complicated these days. Running from one obligation to another, one task to another, can keep us from enjoying the simplicities of life that makes it all worth it. Life’s rule over our time is always a personal battle to get the most out each waking hour. Finding ways to balance the obligations and responsibilities of our daily lives and the necessity to be able to pull  back and enjoy the simpler thing in life is a constant battle. Enjoying the simple life is not always so simple. But if you really want to get a snapshot of the simple life, then look no further than your dog.


3 Things Your Dog Can Teach You About the Simple Things

  1. Love: Dogs have the god given ability to love unconditionally. That means accepting things and people for who and what they are.  When you stop worrying so much about other people your life organically becomes simpler
  2. Live: Dogs live in the moment. It doesn’t matter what that moment is about. When they are there, they are there. Learning to unplug yourself from the worries of the future and the regrets of the past and just live in the moment will help you appreciate what you have right then and there and not be so consumed by the demands of your daily life. Start small and watch how that “live in the moment” becomes a catalyst for enjoying the simple things a little more often, like stopping to enjoy the sunset or just sitting around with a good book.
  3. Eat & Be Merry: Few things epitomize the enjoyment of the simple things like savoring every single crumb of some tasty morsels. a well crafted snack can make even the hastiest of eaters take a pause and relish the moment. Waggin’ Train from Purina is just that kind of snack. The perfect compliment for one of those soak it in kind of moments with your best pal.


Waggin’ Train treats are the perfect addition for those who love the real things in life. They’re made from all natural ingredients with no byproducts or fillers. Real treats for real dogs. The Waggin’ Train treats come in a variety flavors like chicken jerky minis and homestyle chicken jerky that your dog is sure to enjoy. They’re the perfect treats to take along with you on a trip to the dog park or the beach. So grab your buddy, grab some treats, for you both, and just head out and enjoy life with a master of simplicity.
Your dog.

What great life lessons have you learned from your dog?

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  1. I would say my dog has taught me to love unconditionally because no matter what my dog is always there for me. Even after getting in trouble my dog still loves me, as we should all love one another.

  2. I’ve lived forgiveness from my dogs. They never hold a grudge, they don’t seek revenge (most of the time 😉 and they deal with any issues that arise immediately. That is literally my goal in life. I love seeing a blog post that makes people think. Thanks for that!

  3. I don’t know what I would do without our dog. He knows when you are having a rough day and will come up by you and give you a hug and a kiss. He makes everything in life a little easier.

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