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Four Tips For Feeling Good About Yourself

How To Feel Beautiful Everyday

I am guessing every woman has struggled with how to feel beautiful every day from time to time.  I have days when I wake up and feel super confidant and days that I would rather stay in bed.  Today for instance, I have strep and therefore feel a bit less than pretty, so I am writing this form my boudoir!!  On days when I don’t have strep and don’t feel especially pretty, I use a few tricks that help me bounce out of bed and face the world!  Here are a few:

  1. Get out of bed!!  It is a bit difficult to face the world and show everyone your beauty if you are still in bed…unless you are in one of those reality shows I guess!!
  2. Look in the mirror and put a smile on your face!  You can’t exactly feel or look very pretty when you are frowning, right?!
  3. Perform one unselfish act for another person (or animal).  Whenever I speak to someone, I try to compliment them. My bestie is going through a tough time right now, so I try to lift her up by telling her what great kids she has (which she does) and tell her they didn’t get that way without her guidance.
  4. Praise the kids in your life each day.  I do not let a day go by without telling my kids how awesome they are.  The first step to being beautiful is feeling beautiful and there is no better way than to have your self-esteem boosted on a regular basis.  This is an important one…I didn’t get this so I know how important this is!!

Plus Size Clothing That Is Stylish

If you are a plus size woman, you may have had an issue with finding plus size clothing that is stylish.  I am finished with looking for cute plus size clothes in all the wrong places!  I have finally figured out that I am not going to find anything cute in my size at the discount store!  I am working on my weight, but until I get to my goal, I am going to be wearing plus size clothing.  Bearing that in mind, I needed to find a company that offered really cute clothes that are stylish and also affordable.  I still haven’t figured out why plus size clothing costs more.  It isn’t like they use that much extra fabric, right?!  I was so happy to be offered to review some of the beautiful clothing from Igigi.  I don’t get to shop for myself often, so when the chance arose, I grabbed it!!  I received the Jane Vintage Dress in violet ($118.00) and the gorgeous Alina Maxi Dress ($195.00).  Let me first tell you about the great craftsmanship of these dresses.  The stitching is so perfect and both dresses are cut in a pattern that flatters a girl’s figure.  This is important for me because I feel a bit self-conscious when I go out.  I am afraid people are looking at me and thinking that I am so cute to be so fat (Yep, heard that before…from my mom!!)  I really did feel more confident when I wore these beautiful dresses from Igigi.  My friend commented that it had been a while since I dressed up and that I looked pretty.  Yay!!  Thanks Igigi!!

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  1. Love the Venice Dress and the Yelena Dress and the Tessa Beaded Clutch in Truffle! Sorry, I couldn’t pick just one. 😉

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