Choosing A Bedtime Story

If you have little ones in your home, choosing a bedtime story is an important part of your routine. Virtually all kids love to have a story read before they settle down for the night. My kids loved being read to as a small child and at 11 and 14; they still love to be read to! Granted the content and length of the story has changed, but the constant is clearly the time you and your child share before they drift off to sleep. My kids ran the gamut of what kind of stories they enjoyed, which would range from a short funny story to a chapter in Captain Underpants or a story we make up as we go along. If you are ever unsure how to tell a great story to your kids, you should look into the books narrated by John Lithgow, the actor. The way he weaves a story is like nothing you have heard before! Here are some great tips for a bedtime story for kids:

Finding A Bedtime Story For Kids

 Content: Assess where your child is on their reading level as well as their state of mind at the time you have chosen for your story. If your child has been very active all day and is struggling to settle down, you may want to choose a simple story that flows well and will help your child to relax. I will sometimes tell a story and sing a bit to help them calm down.
  • Interaction: If you choose a book that your child can easily be a part of, pause periodically and ask the child questions about the characters or the story line. This helps your child focus on the story and be a part of the storytelling process.
  • Relatable: How easily can your child relate to your story? If you are reading about astronauts to your 2 year old, chances are they will have no clue what an astronaut is and will therefore not interest them. If you are able to find a book that comes with a toy, this is a great way for your child to connect the story to the character. There is a fantastic new website that is launching an innovative concept you and your child will enjoy very much. Hullabalu is the newest and most unique in concept that I have seen in a long time. With Hullabalu, they have created a 3 tier program that brings storytelling to a completely new and fun level!

How To Make Story Time Fun

How To Make Story Time Fun

If you are interested in how to make story time fun, Hullabalu has such a great concept that I think will really take off. The basic premise of this new company is to; have your plush toy, enjoy the online buying experience and download the iPad app of stories. The line of plush characters is some of the cutest you will see. We were given Tiki the Platypus ($12.99) and Popple Hydrodazzle ($14.99), who although are not made by Hullabalu, they are a good representation of what to expect from this invitation only website. With Hullabalu, you will also have opportunities to earn reward points that can be used on the website.  Henry absolutely loved Tiki because he apparently is the cousin of Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb! Caitlin slept with her Popple the first night she received it and she hasn’t slept without her since! Keep a lookout for the adorable characters from Hullabalu which will be available soon!