Finding Women's Boots That Fit

I have always had a tough time finding women’s boots that fit.  Thanks to my dad passing down his features to me, I ended up with the same thick legs he had.  This is not to say they are fat, but they are just thick.  My sister who weighs 125 pounds has the same thick legs my 185 pound dad had.  With this lovely part of me, I always find the wrong boots. Before making my usual mistake in finding the wrong boot, I decided to get some advice online that would help me.  Here are some really great tips:

Finding Women’s Boots That Fit

  • Size: As no two feet are alike, make sure both of your feet are properly measured.  Whichever foot is the larger of the two; this will be the size you will go with.  It is better to shop later in the day to get the best measurement.  Just as important as measuring your feet is to measure both of your calves.  You will also go with the larger of the two when deciding on size.  If possible, it is best to shop in a store that has experience in fitting boots as they have more of a selection.  Remember to bring a pair of socks or stockings to help you measure your boot size.
  • Height: Think about what you are buying these boots for and look for that specific style.  If you are looking for hiking boots, you are looking for something completely different than if you were going horseback riding!  In knowing the height of the boot ahead of time, you won’t be distracted by looking at boots that aren’t appropriate for the occasion.  Another consideration is the height of the heel as boots can go from flat to stiletto, just as shoes can.
  • Style: Just as fit is important, style is also very important in your purchasing.  If you are looking for cowboy boots, they fit differently from knee high boots, and the upkeep is different as well.  Choosing the material is equally important as soft suede will fit completely different that a stiff cowboy boot.  If you want to make sure you are making the right choices for you, the folks over at Earth Footwear have the experience and excellent customer service to help you find the perfect boot.

Age Appropriate Boots For Women

Age Appropriate Boots For Women

One consideration when you are shopping around is buying age appropriate boots for women.  Now that Caitlin is 14, she is in that in between stage when she is not a child anymore but she is not a mature woman either.  She has been begging for a pair of heels for about a year now and after much discussion and a reluctant dad, we said yes.  When I looked through the huge inventory at Earth Footwear, I had plenty of choices. Caitlin and I went through each style and we finally agreed on the Chinook in Cinnamon ($149.00).  These are by far the most gorgeous boots Caitlin could have chosen.  The leather is soft with a vintage look, the heel is a sturdy platform and the heel height (2.5”) is almost perfect for her!  It was like watching a fawn try to take its first steps when I watched her practice walking in her new heels!  The main reason I chose the boots for Caitlin from Earth Footwear is their unique vision and design.   No matter the style, Earth Footwear products are made with comfort in mind.  These shoes are designed to give the customer not just the best fit, but the most comfortable.  The comfortable foot bed is cushioned with a multi-density latex, a reinforced arch support and an over the heel padding that helps to absorb the shock from walking.  With this being the first time Caitlin was going to wear heels, I knew she was in the most caring hands possible with the awesome team at Earth Footwear.

One reader will win the Chinook ($149.00) from Earth Footwear in either Cinnamon or Dark Grey, depending on availability.

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  1. I have loved the Kalso Earth Shoes, especially my vintage 2004 Adage red boots and the Intrinsic sneakers. I haven’t yet tried the non negative heal “Earth”. I would love a pair of Chinook boots!!

  2. My favorite product right now for winter i s The Snapdragon Boot in the color Smoke I also love The Saffron Sandals in the color khaki for warmer days.

  3. OH MY GOSH! I LOVE ALL OF THEM! OK. I like the chinook in cinnamon, the Pasqual, snapdragon, periwinkle, lantana, roesetta, bonsai, lucinda, paprika…oh, wait, you said one!

    Thanks for the chance to win…they are so neat!

  4. I would have to say the boots that you are giving away are my favorite and I would wear them with everything!

  5. I really like The Alder in Oatmeal…..I would love to win the boots and would wear them with my jeans!!!!!!!!Thank you so much for the giveaway….

  6. The buckeye ….very nice boot !!! Thank you for the opportunity for a chance to win the Chinook book , a very stylist boot and would love to wear it with jeans , jean skirt, jean dress or for that matter,they would look great with just about anything. Thank you doe the chance to win this great prize .

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