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Five Tips For First Time Cruisers

Once aboard the giant floating cities that are cruise ships, it is easy to become overwhelmed by all the activities and endless food options. Many of my friends have shared stories of their experiences on cruises and while they always enjoyed them, they sometimes felt they may have missed the mark due to choices made throughout their trips. Determined to get the most from my first cruise aboard the gorgeous Princess Cruise line, I complied the advice of all my friends and family and tried every silly suggestion. In the end, I have 5 truly worthy tips for first time cruisers.

Five Tips for First Time Cruisers

  1. Pay Attention To The Schedule- there are so many exciting opportunities to take advantage of (shows, events, giveaways, etc.) you will want to pick & choose what you want to do right away, then keep an eye on the clock, so you don’t miss anything.
  2. Explore The Ship- when you first get on the boat it is good to get your bearings. The vessel is a floating city, one can get a bit turned around and that could make you miss the beginning of your show or dinner reservation.
  3. Don’t Fill Up At The Buffet- Yes, there are endless tables of food available all hours of the day and night… There are also 4 star and gourmet dining options around nearly every turn; these are the best spots to eat meals, saving the buffet for snacks.
  4. Take The Stairs- With so many delicious (and not necessarily diet friendly) foods readily available, wait gain is typical for many who cruise. Finding every opportunity to fit in some exercise is key to staying slim on holiday, personally I like when it doesn’t really feel like I’m working out on vacation.
  5. Participate In The Excursions- One of the best parts of cruises are the varied entertainment, particularly the outings. If you just want to sit by the pool all day you can, but why would you not go diving, snorkeling, segue-way touring, zip lining, shopping and exploring?! (All more great, sneaky ways to work out) 

Follow these simple tips and your first cruise is sure to be a magnificent journey! Want to see what else Princess Cruises has to offer? Follow them on their social media channels at Facebook @PrincessCruises,  Instagram,  YouTube, FlickrGoogle+, and Pinterest.

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