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Adjusting from the lawlessness of summer time to the back to the school grind is never easy, for parent or child. Even though you still had to go to work everyday, getting off to work in the morning is always a little easier when your kids are on summer break. Even if they’re in summer camp, everything is just a little more slack. By just making some small adjustments and little planning ahead you’ll be ready to tackle the new school year head on.

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Back To School With Ease

  • Get Started Early: Start getting into the routine befor the school year starts. that way it won’t be a total shock when the school finally rolls back around.
  • Plan Ahead: Know what you need ahead of time. That goes for supplies,. lunches and daily requirements for their school needs. Put it on your calendar, a sticky note, whatever. You’ll be glad you did.
  • Fuel Up Right: Getting ready for the day means getting some healthy tasty goodness in you to give you the energy you need. Sara Lee and Entenmanns have healthy bite sized snack and breakfast treats to keep our kids full and ready to face the day.

Helping my kids make the best choices they can as far the food choices they make is always high on my priority list. I don’t like to give them any really bad options but i will of course throw some treats in that they are allowed to pick when all is right in the world. Getting them involved in the decisions of what they are having as well as getting them involved in the making or assembeling of their daily meals is  sure way to expand their palletes and get them trying new healthy thing that wiil give them the energy they need to succeed in school.

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Check out this video from Kathleen Robbins the head baker of Sara Lee and Entenmanns showing some great snack recipe ideas that will be huge fun with your kids. they also have this printer friendly 5 day snack planner on their site to let get kids have a say in the planning of their school week.

How do you get through the craziness of getting yourself and your kids out of the house in the morning.

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