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There are so many perks to being a parent that I could never list them all. We laugh a lot in my house and I love hanging out with my kids. They are clever, funny, sweet, creative and all around fun to be with. As they have gotten older, our relationships have changed to be deeper and more “adult”. They love to help me shop for groceries, Caitlin is starting to learn to do laundry and Henry is getting his personal hygiene routine down to a science. If there was one area I would love to get some help with, that would be tips for getting kids to help clean up. One of the areas my kids seem to make a huge mess with is their books. I swear once they finish reading one, they just toss it on the floor and move on to the next one. That is why I am so in love with the clever products from Tidy Books because they can give me a hand with that book mess.

Tips For Getting Kids To Help Clean Up

Getting Kids To Help Clean Up

We have had a bookcase in Henry’s room for about a year and he is getting better about putting his books back when he is done. The area we needed tips for getting kids to help clean up was with his books. Having a bookcase right there for him made it easier for him to get in that habit of keeping his books tidy. We also have a Tidy Books Bookcase (you can read the review here) which the kids use for the books they share. The Bunk Bed Buddy was the perfect solution for Caitlin because she just did not have room for another piece of furniture. Granted the Bunk Bed Buddy was designed for those kids in the upper bunk who needed a place to put their books instead of plunking them down on the floor.

Geraldine Crandidier, creator of the Tidy Books company and products,  was able to fashion her products by inspiration from her daughter. Her daughter was in the upper bunk bed and was constantly dropping her books on the floor when she was finished reading them. That just made more work the next morning when it came time to clean up the bedroom. With the Bunk Bed Buddy, she could just slip her book into the storage area and choose her next read. The Bunk Bed Buddy hangs on the wall and takes about 5 minutes to secure it. It is well made, the environmentally friendly Water Lacquer adds color without any toxins and it looks fantastic! Caitlin absolutely loves her Bunk Bed Buddy and she has her favorite books as well as her treasured Beanie Babies and her Webkins. Now she has a clean area, a convenient place for her reading materials and a very happy mommy!

One USA reader will win one Bunk Ned Buddy ($79.00) in their choice of color.


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