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Tips For Preparing Your Baby’s Nursery

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My growing belly is a constant reminder that we have a new little baby on the way. Chris and I couldn’t be more excited, especially since we found out that we are expecting a little girl! Having a girl is going to be completely new territory for us! We have been dripping in blue for the past three years. Now it’s time to introduce the pink, but where do I even start? For starters, I took a look around and realized that I needed to bring bags upon bags of baby boy stuff to the consignment shop. I cleaned out all of Aidan’s baby toys and activity centers and of course, went through to save anything gender neutral. I was then left with a clean slate to make room for baby girl.

5 Tips For Preparing Your Baby’s Nursery

  1. Pick A Theme: One of the very first things I did when I found out I was expecting a baby girl was pick a color scheme. Surprisingly, Chris and I agreed on a rose pink, light pink and lime green color scheme rather quickly. Browse the linen section of your local baby superstore for theme ideas or create a theme of your own!
  2. Baby Proof: This step doesn’t need to be done right away, but it definitely needs to be done! Your new baby will be crawling before you know it, and pulling up even sooner! Make sure all outlets are covered, blinds are secured and heavy furniture is securely tethered.
  3. Get The Crib Ready: We decided to choose our crib before choosing our theme, since we knew we would be going with a convertible crib. The crib was going to be lasting longer than the theme, so we wanted it to be perfect no matter what!
  4. Changing Station: A changing station is one of the most important elements of your baby’s nursery. A lot of time will be spent here, at least ten times a day when she’s a newborn! Make sure it is stocked with everything you will use on a regular basis, and pay special attention to placement of diapers, wipes and creams. You don’t want to be fishing for a new diaper when you have a squirmy baby on the table!
  5. Quiet Space: One of the most used areas in your baby’s room will be a quiet space where you will rock her. Set up a corner nook with a rocking chair, small side table and an adjustable lamp. Make sure your chair is cozy, you may even spend the night in it!

We are so close to being done getting our daughter’s nursery together. Our theme is picked, changing station is ready and pictures are hung. The last thing left to do is get the crib ready. We ended up purchasing a new bedroom set for Aidan and moving his convertible crib over to the nursery. Once the crib is sanded and stained, we will be all set! One of the essential elements to any baby crib is a liner. Many experts recommend not using traditional bumpers due to safety risks they pose. We have used a breathable bumper in the past. For our newest addition we chose The Fresh Air Crib Liner™ by SootheTime, part of the trusted Just Born family. The Fresh Air Crib Liner™  is adjustable to fit most cribs, locking in place a mesh liner that provides fresh airflow for a safe sleep. It is available for purchase at Target for $39.00, and you can even get a $5 rebate from SootheTime! Even better, one lucky reader has the chance to win a Fresh Air Crib Liner™ of their own, just by entering below!

What theme did you choose for your baby’s nursery?


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