Renting an apartment is an exciting step. Whether you’re shifting into a new area or looking to downsize, renting gives you independence and flexibility. However, there can be several unanswered questions, and at times it can feel a tad scary and overwhelming.

There is a lot to remember during your search for property, but our guide for renters means you’ll know what type of questions you need to ask at every stage and what to look out for.

Before starting the search

There are many things that you must know and consider before you start searching for a new rental apartment. For example, how long do you want to lease for? Generally, tenancies are for six months to eight years long.

1.      Determine Your Budget

Before start looking for an apartment, make sure how much you can afford each month. The average monthly cost of rent is 30% of your regular income, but remember to budget for amenities like water, electricity, gas, internet connection, and phone bills. Remember to put enough money aside for household items, food, and regular outgoings.

2.      Make a List What’s Important

Draw up a list of things you need for your new flat.

  • Is parking important?
  • How many bedrooms do you require?
  • Do you have a pet?

After listing the important things, think about what else you’re looking for in a rental home. Other factors such as outdoor spaces, storage, and speed of local internet connection may also be important.

Once you have made your list, then hire a company or property agent to rent a new flat. You can even search on the internet to get an idea of the companies that are dealing with property business. For example, CITYLETS has different options for their clients and provide them with different flats for rent.

3.      Look for the Right Location

Once you have selected an area, don’t forget to check out the local transport. Find out where amenities such as hospital, cinema, and supermarkets are located. Ask previous renters if neighbours have caused any problems. Your letting agent will also be able to answer such questions.

4.      Visit the New Apartment

Hiring a property agent is not enough; you also need to visit the property yourself. In this way, you’ll be able to know whether all bills are paid or not. Ask your property agent to show your paid pills. Make a list of items that need repairing.

Landowners are legally required to make sure the gas and electric system are safe. Look out for signs of damp or leaks and check the furniture is in good order or not.

5.      Read the Contract Carefully

When you come to sign the contract, make sure to read it from start to finish. Make sure to keep a copy of a contract with you. Check if all things are mentioned in this agreement or not.

Remember to look who’ll be managing the apartment to see whether you will be dealing with the property owner or letting agent. The agreement should also contain emergency contacts details.