It’ s summertime and it’s the season for getting that body back into swimming suit shape. You are not alone in this fight. Everyone is in the same boat. Don’t worry about exclusive gyms or bulky equipment when staying in shape is as easy as a few simple suggestions.


  • Fish: It may not seem like fishing would be very strenuous, but who cares? We are trying to validate your excess summer fishing. The sport involves paddling and walking all over creation in search for the big one. Imagine the calories that get burned tossing a twelve foot cast net over and over.
  • Play: Get out and run and jump. Play with the kids. No kids? Climb a tree by yourself. If you don’t enjoy running or biking, do something fun. Who’s to say you can’t play Frisbee or hula hoop for thirty minutes? There’s lots of fun ways to get your heart rate up. Get creative. If you are not creative, watch a thirty minute YouTube video that has you running around in circles. Take the dog for a walk, for goodness sake.
  • Work: Get out in your yard and cut some
    grass or grab your hedge shears and clip some hedges. Skip the chainsaw and use your ax to chop down that old tree in the backyard. You can jog twenty miles but that is not going to help the garage clean itself. How about getting up on the roof with a rented pressure washer and spray off all the mold. It’s not that easy. You will sweat. Just remember not to step on wet mildew. Slippage.

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  • Drinks and Food: When it comes to staying healthy, look no further than Premier Protein  shakes and smoothies. With 30 grams of protein they are absolutely packed with all of the essential amino acids and with only 160 calories, they are an excellent source of calcium. Eat less. Split a meal with a friend or skip the appetizer. You can probably get by on much less food than you are presently enjoying. Let’s start right now. Less food today. Easy.

Low in fat and with only two grams of sugar, you can not beat it. Now you know how to start your day.

Premier Protein Bar Promotion at Costco

  • Premier Protein’s 30g bar variety pack will be available in Costco stores nationwide throughout the month of September
  • Costco will be offering $5.00 off the retail price of the 30g variety pack from September 3rd through September 27th
  • Each variety pack will include a combination of Premier Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate Mint 30g bars. Each gluten free bar is packed with 30g of protein, is a good source of fiber (3g) and a good source of calcium.

Costco makes it easy to enjoy your favorite Premier Protein flavor. Whether it’s shakes or delicious snack bars, you are going to see why Premier Protein is the best choice for healthy lifestyles. Enjoy the protein, calcium, and fiber without the fat or calories.

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