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Tips for Surviving on One Income

Managing finances as a married couple can get pretty tricky. Add a few years and a few kids and finances can go from being tricky to being your worst nightmare. This is pretty much what happened to us. You may remember from previous posts, my son Aidan was a preemie. Born two months early, his pediatrician told us that Aidan could not go to daycare for the first year of his life. It was too risky for such a fragile baby. Just like that, our income was cut in half. Scary, unstable, rocky, and questionable were all words that I would use to describe how we felt when we realized we would be surviving on one income. Fortunately, we managed to survive. If it wasn’t for a strict budget and a plan, I’m not sure that surviving on one income would have been possible.

surviving on one income

4 Tips for Surviving on One Income

This was actually easier than we thought it was going to be. We took a look at how much we owed on my car and decided to use savings to pay it off as a lump sum. Other ideas would be to turn in a leased vehicle and purchase a kick around car for appointments. If a spouse has a company car and you have two personal vehicles, sell one of your personal vehicles.

This was a bummer at first, especially during football season. Ultimately, we did not need to spend $120/month in order to watch football. We subscribed to Hulu and Netflix and opened up an Amazon Prime Video account. This cut our cost down to around $20/month, saving us $100.

If you have a cell phone, now is the time to cut your home phone. Sure, it’s great in case of emergencies…but it was not worth the monthly cost for our family. By cutting out home phone we saved $60/month.

I never, ever went grocery shopping without coupons in hand. Not using coupons is like throwing money in the garbage. I subscribed to the Sunday paper for a few dollars per month. I hunted for deals on clothing, baby products, and diapers.

For the first few months of Aidan’s life we used premium brand diapers. What a huge mistake! Once I began researching, I realized I was spending close to 22 cents per diaper! Multiply this by 10 diapers per day, 30 days in a month. That is over $60 a month in diapers! We switched over to Luvs Diapers and they became my new favorite way to save money!
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I went from 22 cents to 13 cents per diaper which averaged around $38 in monthly diaper expenses. This was substantial enough for me to continue buying Luvs until the day that Aidan was potty trained. Now, my littlest baby is in Luvs diapers!
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Luvs are a great diaper at a great value, plus, you can even find money saving coupons to bring the cost-per-diaper down even lower! If you are like me, you will live, learn & get Luvs!

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